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review // sev statik // speak life // uprok records

Sev Statik is a backpacker. Not this artsy emo, "I don't care if you like it or not (well actually I do but I can't say that)" type of Emcee of the new millennium. Back in the day, a mix tape dj or an aspiring emcee would spend hours on the corner hustling Demos piled into their backpack to people passing by the block. That's what I mean by backpacker. A cat who put in work at this rap game and is now seeing the results (a record deal via Uprok Records and an affiliation with one of the most legendary crews in gospel hip hop-The Tunnel Rats). His offering to us is the album, "Speak Life". An all around sound project that gives us straight up spittin. It's not overproduced, not filled with R&B hooks, not geared toward the "Christian thug" market. It's pure music. Triggered loops and drumbeats. Songs like, "All for a Purpose" "I Apologize" and, "Seasons of a Tear" give the consumer what it's been needing for a while now; no-nonsense hip-hop. Things I liked about this album: Knowing that this cat has been putting effort into his lyrics for a long time. You can tell hasn't been writing for like two years and knew someone at a label and is getting shoved down our throats as the," next big thing". My favorite cuts are, "Close" "Right Now" and "Invisible Bars". Sev rhymes meticulously over these beats without forcing him to be "dope". Dude is great on every verse. The album picks up toward the end which is nice for a change. The previous three songs I mentioned as my favorite are placed in the last half as well as some crowd movers (Rock of Ages, MIC) What I didn't like about this album: Most of the hooks (chorus). It sounded like a majority of effort went into writing the verses, to the point of the hooks not getting the attention they deserved. To be fair when you're gearing an album to the street cats, the hooks aren't going to be laid out like a Grits type of project. So the lack of catchiness substantiates just how street my man is. In closing...If you want some street music to put in your headphones while catching the bus to and from your spot....This is it. It's worth every penny you spend on it. Intricate rhymes over gritty beats. To categorize this project as, "East Coast" is not a wrong assumption....because my man is repping Albany, NY. If you're wanting a bunch of club bangers to dance to, this would not be what I'd recommend.

Suggested Listening: "Close" + "Right Now" + "Invisible Bars"


Key Tracks: "M.I.C" + "Right Now" + "Invisible Bars"


Review Rating: 4


Reviewer: Salvatore Maranzano


Used with permission from www.HipHopForTheSoul.com


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