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Every once in a blue moon an artist comes along that is so interesting that they demand attention. PJ is one of these artists. His ability to blend beautifully crafted raps (Originalz) with a sing song style (Orange County) makes PJ an artist that is destined to be talked about for a long time.

Pros: Just about the whole album. The originality of this artists' style makes it hard not to like most tracks. None of the beats sound the same. Each one has it's own personality. Tracks that stood out the most to me (it's hard to say that because each one does) were: Identity Crisis, Emily, Hello, and Sam the Goat. PJ is a very talented emcee whose dedication to the underground west coast hip hop scene is starting to finally pay off.

Cons: 2 things-#1 is PJ uses the same subject matter on a couple of songs. Girls, the mall, and getting digits are subjects that are re-occurring on this album. Maybe once or twice but anymore than that and you wonder if he should have maybe had another guest spot to fill in those empty spaces on his note pad. #2 is a dash of questionable language. Unfortunately this artist chose to “ride the fence” with some of the language. I cannot recommend this album in good conscience to my youth group kids, or my own kids for that matter. Granted, it's MUCH better than a 50 cent, or Jay-Z, but I would have a few calls if parents found out I recommended an album with “piss”, or phrases like “where the hell is my crew?” -stuff that had no good reason being on there. I think the album is a classic, just not a classic I can recommend to my church youth.

Suggested Listening: LA Symphony, Lyrics Born, Aceyalone


Key Tracks: "Identity Crisis", "Hello Everybody", "Sam The Goat"


Review Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Reviewer: Salvatore Marranzano


Used with permission from www.HipHopForTheSoul.com


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