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review // manafest // my own thing

Hailing from the North of the border, Toronto's own Manafest has quietly been making a name for himself the past couple of years. We were first introduced to him with the release of his Misled Youth EP, that turned heads, a few years back and now  Manafest finally has a full length solo under his belt in My Own Thing . Released independently under his own Manafest Productions , the LP comes in at 19 tracks and just under an hour in length, and boasts solid production from, most notably,  Relic the Oddity and  That Brotha Lokey , as well as guest spots from Jusachyl , Relic and smooth vocals from  Aubrey Noronha .

My Own Thing begins with Down-Town , an upbeat soundscape filled with fresh cuts and samples where we're introduced to Manafest's rhyming patterns, as he talks about the many great aspects of the downtown Toronto area. The title track showcases Manafest's various flows and vocal abilities as he comes from a variety of different vocal angles over the tracks rhythmic vibe. U Don't Know Me is the story of how often people, ESPECIALLY in hip-hop culture, are judged unfairly. A solid song concept where the moral of the story is; we are ALL created in God's image and, despite how we are viewed by other people, we are all viewed equally in His eyes, which is all that truly matters. A hypnotic piano loop is the backdrop for My Life , one of the most introspective tracks on the LP. Ma> . Manafest's vocals combine well with the shattering instruments of a live band.

     I get the feeling, after numerous listens, that  My Own Thing  had the makings of something special. Very little promotion or hype was put into this release, which is somewhat of a disappointment, when it is clear that Manafest is a talented artist with loads of potential. Nonetheless, the LP was a nice refreshment from the everyday hip-hop album, and, despite the lack of hype surrounding this release, you can expect big things from the Canadian kid in the very near future. My Own Thing is just a taste of things to come.


Suggested Listening: Sev Statik, Mars ILL, L.A. Symphony

Key Tracks: My Life, U Don't Know Me, The One

Review Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Reviewer: -RationaL


Used with permission from www.HipHopForTheSoul.com


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