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review // luke geraty // it's cold out here // syntax records

The artist formerly known as 'Absolute' returns to the spotlight with the anticipated full length release of It's Cold Out Here. Coming onto the scene a few years back with the release of The Before I Sold Out EP, many have been anxiously awaiting a full length from the former Sackcloth Fashion emcee. Featuring well crafted production from know1, Malachi Perez, Elected Official, Moodswing9 of Vinyl Monkies, and Sir Rocdomz, as well as notable guest spots from Pigeon John and RedCloud, among others. The LP is a most satisfying 20 tracks in length, 70 plus minutes, in which ear drums will be kept fed. The LP begins with the title track, featuring Bucket, accompanied by rhythmic drums and mellow instrumentation. The track gives just what the title indicates; a cold feeling, where Luke and Bucket exchange words about the frozen life among themselves. Last Episode of Funk, gives off an up tempo feeling, with some nice sampling, making way for over four minutes of fresh hip-hop and wordplay. On Burn Down the Bridge, Luke asks... what does it mean to be an emcee? It seems that all is lost after the question, as Luke proceeds to give off excess wordplay, straying from the first impression of what topic, if one, is being covered. Pigeon John teams up to drop the hook on Brandon's Folly, a story of lost love. Over an acoustic melody, and heavy drums Luke paints a picture of getting played by a female, and losing sense of it all in the midst of blinding love. An impressionable track. Elected Official brings a soft and melodic track in Crayons featuring a soulful hook courtesy of MOI. The story of a little girl in the midst of childhood struggles, letting out her anguish with crayons and a white sheet. Lack Of Erasers teams Luke, once again, with Bucket, trading strong verses of wordplay and intelligence over another fresh track from know1 of Soft Focus. Satan’s Little Angel, featuring Aqwamann, brings a strong message in "body is a banger (satan’s little angel), tight from every angle, from her top down to her ankles..." stating that things aren't always what they seem; especially when it comes to women. The always animated Pigeon John shows up with fellow label mate RedCloud on Pandemonium. John Huss provides exquisite strings, accompanied by a fitting KRS-One sample. An enjoyable track made for continuous consumptions. Labor Of Love gives off soothing vocals courtesy of Elias, an introspective track questioning the whereabouts of Christ in times of need, over a nice musical piece by Gruntwork. Bucket makes yet another appearance in the album finale on Usher In The Spring, with electric guitar strings and sound effects this time around, from the Vinyl Monkies Moodswing9, finishing off the LP in dope sequence. It is made evident that Luke Geraty is comfortable with a mic in hand, and is not afraid to speak his mind. The production on It's Cold Out Here is outstanding. Very solid from beginning to end, giving off a very 'underground' feel. Often times Luke's rhymes get lost in the music, with flows seldom varying which became, after over an hour, rather plain, but mixed with the quality of production and guest appearances, was not lost. Indeed a solid release, not to be slept on, from Luke Geraty. It's Cold Out Here, surpassed my expectations considerably and definitely deserves an open ear.


Suggested Listening: Mars ILL, Sackcloth Fashion, Stu Dent


Key Tracks: Crayons, It's Cold Out Here, Labor Of Love


Review Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5


Reviewer: RationaL

Used with permission from www.HipHopForTheSoul.com


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