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Flynn Adam Atkins has filled just about every role in the music industry. Producer, label CEO, member of a hip hop supergroup, and solo artist. He's been through hard times, good times, and all points in between. This past year, Flynn has seen things take a turn for the better. LA Symphony finally released an album that had the support of a record label and Flynn returned to the studio to complete and release his third full solo project on up-start label, Illect Recordings.
"In Like Flynn" truly reflects the maturity of an industry vet.


Flynn's verses are on time as always and the lyrics reveal the honest emotions that result from years of faithfully pursuing dreams. The songs deal with hardships, confusion, the desire for success, and other topics that are common to us all. Flynn addresses all these issues with a deft touch that makes his lyrical delivery captivating. Lyrical highlights include the track "Nyquil" which features an interesting discussion of life, death and what lies beyond, and the lead single "Love Is Dead (when)" which describes the importance of love, faith and hope.


On the production front, "In Like Flynn" varies from track to track, laying a diverse foundation for the verses. Not surprisingly, many of the beats share the same sample or vein with tracks from LA Symphony's "The End Is Now", giving it a similar, somewhat dark feel overall. (Flynn produced a number of the LAS tracks as well as the majority of the songs for this album). Some brighter, more upbeat tracks include "High Speed Car Chase" (which has a killer hook) and the Timbaland-esque "Superstar" (very reminiscent of "Up Jumps the Boogie").


Overall, "In Like Flynn" provides a great example of a quality solo or side project. The sound that fans have come to love (LAS), a few key guest appearances, and thematically reaching out on a more personal level. As a member of a group, many intimacies of life can be avoided or hidden. Flynn lowers his gloves a bit, exposing his chin, and opens up to his audience for a greater understanding of the man behind the mic. Filled with catchy tunes and clever lyrics, "In Like Flynn" is certainly a solid addition to any hip hop collection.


Suggested Listening: LA Symphony - "The End Is Now", Joey the Jerk "Average Joe", Pigeon John "Dating Your Sister"


Key Tracks: "High Speed Car Chase", "Nyquil", "Freaky Flow"

Review Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars


Reviewer: the TRu


Used with permission from www.HipHopForTheSoul.com


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