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What really makes my day is when an artist steps up to the plate after having a rough year and begins to hit some singles and doubles (O.K. I hate baseball but it's a good analogy). You can tell they've been practicing in the off-season. That's exactly what's happened with Fiti Futuritic's latest release Watch What Happens.

Fiti's debut release (on Grapetree Records before they went under) All In A Day's Work was...uh..not good (that's as nice as I get
folks). Lackluster sales and experience had him going back to the lab and coming out with a release that shows oodles of maturity in his songwriting and production. Through witty lyrics and help from people like Fab Da Eclectic, Pettidee, Sev Statik (Tunnel Rats camp), Fiti has put together a sophomore release that decisively outshines his previous project.

The strongest song on the CD is Can't Get Enough, which is getting some decent airplay. But he has a couple offerings on the CD like The first track, The Boy Who Could Fly, Famous, and Eat My Words. The Cost Of Freedom comes close but the sample on the hook has a tad bit too much reverb which sets in back in the mix too much. It also seems to be over EQed on the high end so the hook sounds very thin when it hits, losing it's punch. A remix is in order.

The detail that sticks out the most are Fiti's vocals. On some tracks they're working. On some they're not. This is all in terms of fitting into the musical arrangement. Even so, it's worth listening to and definitely has some decent singles to keep it going for a good part of the year.


Suggested Listening: Mars ILL, John Reuben, Sev Statik

Key Tracks: Can't Get Enough, Famous, Eat My Words

Review Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Reviewer: PREZ


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