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interview // ysg-timothy

The brilliant versatile emcee hailing from Chicago known as YSG-Timothy who came on the radar partnered with DJ Rhino for the must have The 2-Man Game on Wax Musim Recordings. His newest effort entitled “A Black Guy Named Tim” equipped with the sure fire single Bigger produced by Kid Sundance and is set to release December 2004. YSG-Timothy is truly an artist for the masses, there is something in his style and lyrics for everyone.  


What's the logic behind YSG-Timothy?


“YSG” is an acronym for “Young Son of God”.  Timothy is the name I took on upon receiving Christ as Lord of my life. it means “Honored by God” or “One who honors God”.


How did you beginning rapping and who was your inspiration?


I started rhymin’ in ’85.  Some of my classmates were reciting lines from Run DMC’s “King of Rock” and I thought it was cool.  I really can’t recall a particular artist or group who initially inspired me to rhyme, emceein’ just came sort of naturally.  Once I got into rap and learned more about the art, cats who inspired me to develop my craft were:  LL Cool J, Run DMC, Rakim, 


What made you decide to the mixtape, Two Man Game?


When I started emceein’ I used to rap my own lyrics over popular songs ‘cause I didn’t have access to instrumentals.  I’ve always appreciated tight lyricism over nice production, thus I tried to create something that rap fans (self included) would respect and appreciate.  I try not to release anything that I wouldn’t purchase or enjoy listening to.


The title “Two-Man Game” has a two-fold meaning.  As a ball player, I always wanted to be a 2-Man (or “Shooting Guard”), but because of my height and shot-blocking ability, I was forced to play in the post.  Being that Rhino and I were the only two members of the Wax Musim working on the project, I thought about the offensive set in basketball where two players pair up on one side of the court, isolating their defenders and basically playing a game of 2-on-2.  If the play is properly executed, the offensive team gets an easy shot every time.  All things considered, I figured the album’s title was timely and appropriate.


What do you think listeners will hear on this album?


Listeners will hear heart-felt, relevant lyrics over hot tracks, coupled with sharp cuts, breaks and blends.  I think a lot of music in this genre boxes itself in.  I stayed away from that on the Two-Man Game, by providing the listener with a dynamic project touching on spiritual, social, political, and person issues. 


What do you feel is your favorite track off the album?


It kinda varies.  Again with the diversity of topics and sounds on the album, it’s hard for me to say that I have a favorite.  Right now, I’m really feelin’ “Freedom” and “The Business”.


How did you and DJ Rhino get together?


Rhino and I hooked up through Combustible the Poet (Theo Williams) of the Wax Musim.  Combust’ invited to the studio for a couple of sessions, Rhino came through with his tables and we just sort of hit it off.  He respects my tastes in music and I respect his creativity.  He’s a great dj and friend.


How did you hook up with Wax Musim?


I met DJ All-Star at a poetry slam Combust’ suggested that I perform at.  I dropped a verse and All-Star was felt it.  He holla’d at me after the slam, blessed me with a few beats that he made and the next thing I knew we were working on the song, “Introducing”, for the Sphere of Hip Hop’s first compilation.


What inspires your songs?


Not trying to sound religious, but I believe that all of my songs are first inspired by God’s Holy Spirit as He inspires my to look within and write what I see, regardless of public acceptance or ridicule.  I know that I have a tendency toward pride, as well as being a “people pleaser”.  The great news is that God knows too, so He graciously (or violently depending on my hard-headedness) keeps me humbled and focused.  He’s the Greatest, and I thank Him for it.


What would the ultimate reward for you be?


The ultimate reward would be that I reach every person whom God desires me to reach with His message, through His means.  What the people do with the message is totally up to them.  I pray that they will choose life, but again, the choice is theirs to make, not mine, and not God’s.


What can we look forward to in the near future from YSG-Timothy and Wax Musim?


I’m currently working on my solo debut “A Black Guy Named Tim” which is on course to be completed and ready for distribution in Spring ’05.  Right now the Wax Musim is spread out throughout the country with members residing in three different states (IN, MA, and WA), all working on individual projects.  Hopefully we’ll be able to put something together for our fans, and rap fans in general, to let the World (and the Church) know the message of the Truth can still be conveyed through all facets of hip hop.


Any last words?


Thank you, Aphire, for taking the time to interview me.  Everyone, pick-up the Two-Man Game mixtape and be on the lookout for YSG-Timothy’s solo debut entitled, “A Black Guy Named Tim”.  Proverbs 3:5-7.  May we be with God.  


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