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interview // voice

What's the science behind your name?

My name comes from the book of John as in John the Baptist... The lord has told me that I have been called to be the VOICE of one cryin in this wilderness... I represent and bear witness of the light...

What motivated you to get into this industry?

When I was like 16 I was in a Spanish church and there was this traveling evangelist dude from south America that called me out talking all kindsa stuff to me about the calling on my life...I was like this cat doesn't know me...but it stuck ya know and between 16 & 21 I kinda floated thru my walk with GOD... I turned 21 and it all fell apart...at 23 I got tired of bein sick and tired and knew it was time to get right or get left...after service one day GOD put this song on my heart and I put it down on paper...later on I put it into song form and rapped my first concert back in '94...after I got off stage a couple of youth came up to me askin bout tapes...I was like tapes? this was my first concert...I knew then that this is what GOD wanted me to do...The LORD birthed many good relationships and a few yrs of nationwide touring brought good seasoning for what we are gettin ready to do...this was the beginning...

What was your first single/recording you did?

 I got with a friend of mine named Scott Blackwell and recorded a lil ditty called "EYES ON CREATOR"-oh man this is old school...

 What was your favorite single/recording you did?

I would have to say to date my favorite joint is the new cut gonna be on URBAN SOLDIERS III thatz called "GOD IN MY CHEST"...this cut is about pain and real stuff goin on in life today...the song is about how no matter what we go thru that we got GOD IN OUR CHEST yo...we are temples of the holy ghost...an older cu that I really thank GOD for is called "ISSUES"...this once again deals with the issues that go on in everyday life and how GOD is our filler of that void yo...I always close my concert with this jam...then altar call.

What should we expect from you in the future?

 ell GOD willing I'll get this album done by the end of this year...so be lookin out for "TAPPING IN"...also as I mentioned earlier you can peep a brotha out on the new URBAN SOLDIERS III from ROOT RECORDS due out first quarter of next yr-2001...the cut is GOD IN MY CHEST and features my homies K2S...I'll be doin some guest spots on some upcomin projects and you might see this emcee in a video soon so keep ya eyes open...

What instruments do you use?

 hen we are in the studio I got some electric guitar happenin on some tracks & maybe some sax... on pre-production I am co-producin about 8 cutz on this new joint thru "TRIBAL CAMP PRODUCTIONS-THE NEW ORDER" and we are currently usin the MPC2000xl, the Planet Phatt, & any tight sampz on wax that ketch my ear...

How would you classify your style as an artist?

On the first project I was definitely West Coast to the hilt...but, that was finished back in '97 and didn't release till about mid-99...dated yo!! On this new junk I guess Itz kinda like an undaground West flava-definitely hip-hop but solid production that has a melodic element in that mug...my rhyme schemes are waaay different-I thank GOD for growth over the years...but once again the production is ILL!!

What artist (s) have you not worked with, but would like to?

 ost def my brotha T-BONE...Itz funny cuz when I was at GMA in "99 everybody and their momma thought that I was T-BONE-lol... alllrighhty-lol. I've done a few shows with my brotha and have seen the anointing in his shows...I know that that people talk and this and that but I went out to dinner with my brotha one night and we spent quality time...he encouraged a young youth that used to be my back up rapper at the time and I feel he has grown over the years...he just keeps changin his numbers so itz hard to get a hold of this cat-LOL...Another group that I dig and would love to work with is CROSS MOVEMENT...those bruthas got ILL lyrics...actually I would love to also produce some stuff for these guyz...

Growing up, who do you think was a few of your biggest music influences?

 h man...so many(thatz a long time ago-lol)...I was really into RUN DMC, WHODINI, SUGAR HILL, THE BEAT STREET AND BREAKIN MOVIE SOUNDTRACKZ-all kindsa wax and a lil PRINCE...

 here do you see yourself in 5 years?

 ringin the gospel thru hip-hop and in the pulpit with the word for all that will listen...

 hat do you feel is the toughest part of the music industry?

 rtists that don't do ALTAR CALLS...No unity in gospel hip-hop...  

What would the ultimate reward for you be?

 o see us all stop playa hatin each other...lets BUILD-EDIFY!!!

 hat message are you trying to get across to fans?

  hope to communicate to hedz that christians are real people and we go thru junk just like everyone else...(sometimes more I think)...the difference is we have someone to fill that void and a mighty shoulder to cry on...someone that cares & understands where we

are at at exactly that moment...I don't wanna put down anybody out there but I hope to show that you can come out dope and still talk about GOD-I don't spit about nonsense-please don't take me wrong...much love to all emcee's but this is how my father has called me to be...I am a VOICE that is in ya face with the gospel spoken in LOVE-When hedz hear my stuff on those headphones with their eyes closed or at a show I pray that they would feel something click in their soul...I'm here to make a difference...I want my fans

to undastand that GOD is real and he doesn't cost a dime cuz the price was already paid!!...He will meet them right where they are at...This is tha message.

What is your favorite Bible verse?

Luke 10:19 most def!!

 What is your favorite children's bible story?

 David & Goliath.

Do your friends and family look at you differently now?

 Well I talk with some of my old homies now and then and they see me much differently...their memory of me is drunk with a cigarette hangin out of my mouth holdin a cold one....they have seen the change and I know that ministers to them...they respect what I do and I all I can do is keep prayin that they see what I see everyday...a world dyin without JESUS!!...my fam is straight...my mom was holdin on to that word from when I was a kid all the time I was lost...So she is happy with what GOD has done with her son...my dad is proud of the results as well...I thank the LORD for both of them...my wife I met thru ministering and at my church and she is a major blessing in my life...

If someone were to look in your CD player or tape player right now what would be in it?

 Actually right now itz the new K2S-"THE WAY IT IS"...It was an honor to work with my brothas and JRAW of PRIESTHOOD on this project...I'm feelin this album in a big way...especially the cut ETERNAL LIFE...outside of that probly some KJ52(man that brotha has come a long way-remember: BACK FROM THE GRAVE)I did an event with him in Fl. back in '97 and he's cool people...you would also find CROSS MOVEMENT, some KIRK, and a lil FRED HAMMOND-that guy is dope!!

Personally what does hip-hop mean to you?

Hip-hop to me is a form of expression...it is an urban-lifestyle and culture...it is also a mighty tool that GOD uses me in to hit home on alotta hedz...

Who do you feel is your biggest influence and why?

My pastor-because he walks the walk not just talks the talk...he is my friend and he cares about his flock...he is not like some celebrity that you don't get to hang with...He is there to give advice and prayer 24-7 literally...

How do you think your music will effect itz listeners?

 I have seen different reactions...I have seen people become uncomfortable cuz of GOD dealing with them...I have seen people cry...I have seen people get excited...I think this new album will leave a good taste in their mouth with hedz wanting to learn more about this GOD that I speak of...I think they are gonna feel GOD not just hear about him...

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

 I would make this a world without RACISM!!

If you could have any super human power, what would it be?

To be able to turn back time...cuz I would do a gang of things different!

What would you like to say to all the new artists in the game?

 This is a funny question cuz my last few shows emcees have been askin me for this advice...I would like to say to new cats don't go out and just start rappin right after you been saved...take some time to get discipled and rooted in the word and a good church...ask GOD if this is what you are called to do not what you want to do...look for fruit in what you do...have checkpoints and ask GOD to show you where you are going...if there is fruit...go on!!...if it is barren, maybe take some time to fast and ask GOD if this is his will or your will...if you just wanna flex and battle go do the secular thing and handle yours...if you wanna REPRESENT your father be ready to do warfare on the real...remember what you say will affect people in a big way so think it thru...don't be so apt to just jumpin on a label and blowin up...go out and do shows...if you are serious you should be doin a minimum of 2-4 a mnth and double that in the summer...get out there and do it...and another thing... don't do it for the endz but for the soulz...Don't go expectin big honorariums and offerings...go out there and just do it...GOD will promote you and bless probly more than you can negotiate...keep him as the center and it will be all good!!

 How can your fans contact you?

Y'all can hit me at voice@voiceworld.org... and visit me at http://www.voiceworld.org & http://newerarecords.com 

Any last words?

 Remember hip-hop is hip-hop and GOD is GOD never confuse the 2...see y'all upstairs!!!!!!!!


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