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interview // sirROCDOMZ

What does the name sirROCDOMZ mean?


Rhymes with Sherlock Holmes, but instead of solving mysteries… rocks the domes.


How did you begin producing and who was your inspiration?


I don’t think that I was specifically inspired by anyone, but music was always a large part of my life. If anything I would say I can attribute my passion for music to my parents whom have extremely good taste. (not sure what happened to my brother max one in that area).


What artists have you produced for?


A bunch of nobodies, as well as a couple of somebodies. Honestly, I just love making music. Status is cool, and maybe helps pay the bills, but once we are in the studio, it’s a level playing field, for me at least.


What is the origin of Sackcloth Fashion and Syntax Records?


It is really tough to pin point a definite origin, because the movement was in place at a very early age, some of the titles, and professionalism came later. For example my brother was professionally recording his raps at 17, and manufacturing his own discs. It wasn’t on Syntax Records, and the name ‘Sackcloth Fashion’ wasn’t anywhere to be found on the project, but it was definitely a part of the history of both entities you speak of. Sackcloth Fashion became known by that name after playing for a packed tent of 4,000 music fans at Cornerstone 96 when realized they needed a name if they were going to be doing shows.


Sackcloth Fashion’s latest release is entitled The Lone Flower, what will listeners hear on this release?


Listeners will here a group of people who were able to do exactly what they wanted to do without any stipulations. Basically you got exactly what you would get when the members of Sackcloth Fashion were thrown together in a studio with no restrictions. I would say the album sounds like what you would hear if there was a reality show that placed those people in an apartment together and recorded it. You have your folky artsy aspects, your hip hop in all it’s glory, and your popish dancey moments. It’s a marketing nightmare because there isn’t any one crowd that you can promote that album too. There are many hip hop heads who will enjoy it, and there are other music fans who will too enjoy it. But you cannot specifically market to hip hop heads, nor other music fans. So basically you just gotta let the album do its own marketing. I am in love with that album. A good time in my life.


What do you feel is your favorite track off the album?


My personal favorite is I Sigh.


How long on average does it take to make a sirROCDOMZ beat?


There isn’t really an average time. But I can go about the ‘normal way’ of doing things. I create an over all loop or vibe, and then call it a day. If and when someone picks a one of them, I find out what the song is about, get a general feel for it, and then record the vocals over the loop. Once everything is done by the artist, I go in and finish up the beat and add all the final touches.


What tips can you offer for aspiring producers?


Don’t let other producers get to you… they are the most finicky hard to give compliment people I have ever met. They think whatever they do is the BEST, and that all other producers suck. Well, they are wrong. There are a TON of great producers, and room for more. Also, if you can it would be good to get some form of musical training. And if you really want to be a ‘producer’ then you better learn a lot. Producers are often the composers, arrangers, vocal arrangers, lyricists, and programmers… A beatmaker doesn’t = a producer.


What’s in store in the near future from sirROCDOMZ, Sackcloth Fashion, and Syntax Records?


Syntax Records took 2004 off, but will be bringing you the Class of 2005 soon. There has been roster changes, and distribution changes, and staff changes… All for the good. Expect better projects, better marketing, and better financing. I would say that You can begin counting down the days til Def Shepard is a household name. That is the hottest thing to happen to music since hip hop was born.


Any last words?


Thanks to Caleb, and Aphire for their time. Everyone else, come to www.syntaxrecords.com/mb and join our community. It’s fun, and friendly.


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