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interview // redcloud


What is the logic behind the name RedCloud?


RedCloud is my middle name... named after the Sioux War Chief.


How did you begin rapping and who was your inspiration?


I started freestyling in the 6th grade 1989... Public Enemy, Paris, NWA and XClan were early inspiration.


How did you meet up with Dj Wise?


He used to spin for TunnelRats... I figured they werenít using him properly. I saw him spinning at a club called Nitrous in LA... we clicked immediately.


Your latest release is entitled Traveling Circus, what does that mean to you?


I travel 6-8 months outta the year... and we put on a mean show... thus Traveling Circus...


What do you feel listeners will hear on this release?


I donít know? I hope they like it... if not... I bet Iím working on something they will like.


How did you hook up with Syntax Records?


They got at me in 99... through mp3.com... we did a collabo... the rest is history.


What tribe of American Indian are you?


Juaneno... Iím also Mexican Indian... by way of Chiapas.


Does being American Indian influence your songs?


Yes... it influences everything i do.


Tell me a little about Rez Outreach.


We rock a lot of Reservations... we love bringing positivy and hope to our people.


What can we look forward to in the near future from RedCloud?


Mainstream success


Any last words?


John 3:16


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