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interview // reconcile

Front man of the popular hip hop crew Mass Reality and talented solo artist, Reconcile, recently released his debut solo album "Chronicles: The Lineage, Life & Legacy". Reconcile is known for his relatable real life stories, collected by personal experiences, and an overall diverse style that reaches every listener. Providing a breath of fresh air from predictable emcees, Reconcile’s autobiographical album is certified classic.


How did you begin rapping and who was your inspiration?


Actually, I didn't start rapping until I met my fam Mass Reality in college. Prior to that, I just recited lyrics from my favorite emcees--Rakim, KRS, Ice Cube, etc. I started off freestyling in cyphers, and from there I just developed my communication skills. I've always had something to say, was known for speaking in public etc, so it was just a matter of time before it happened for real. The rest is history...and here I am today.


What is the origin of Mass Reality Enterprises?


Back in '99, I wanted to create an official covering, an umbrella organization for the crew. The whole point was supporting the various areas we're collectively & indivually skilled in--from music to design to marketing to fashion--the list is limitless. Especially being that we're a crew of cats that have undergrad degrees in these various areas, we decided to implement our educational backgrounds & personal passions into an organization that would help us do what we need to do in the earth...all by ourselves. It's about establishing foundation for the future.


Who’s who in Mass Reality?


MR consists of 8 emcees: cOs, Di'Elect (AKA The Natural), Explicit, FirstBorn, myself, Terse,Vandal and myself. The homie Epsilon is also in the crew, but is on hiatus right now. cOs & Terse also make up the first sub-crew of MR, Blacktop Order.


What will listeners hear on your latest release, Chronicles: The Lineage, Life & Legacy?


Listeners will probably expect what they got from my spots on Underground Rise or The Awakening mixtape, but what they'll actually get is, in essence, my life. "Chronicles..." is an autobiography set to music: a mix of my heritage and my personal experiences with my thoughts on what I plan on leaving behind for generations to come--literally...lineage, life & legacy.


What do you feel is your favorite track off the album?


Man, it changes every week! I don't know if that's good or what. Right now, it's looking like Process (ft. Drastic of The Remnant) and Many Waters are my favorite joints. But honestly, I'm in love with the whole album!


What inspires your songs?


First, my life experiences serve as the initial inspiration for my music. This really is an art for me. The need for REAL music with MEANING inspires my songs. I'm not out to preach to cats; I want my life to speak louder than my words ever could...while yet, still using words, you feel me?


Tell me about opening for Juvenile of Cash Money fame in July, and how did that come about?


Actually, it never went down. There was a big mixup among the two artist promoters, the club and the local radio station, to where myself & several other opening acts didn't get to rip. It was wack, but hey...it is what it is.


Any guest appearances currently in the works?


Yeah, several as a matter of fact--many of which I cannot name. But no doubt...I'll be head quite a bit in 2005. I'll be on a few mixtapes, a few compilations, a few albums. Hey...here's one: I'll be in the Mass Reality album next year!


What would the ultimate reward for you be?


The ultimate reward for me would be for one million people to be personally impacted by my CD; the residuals of those people being impacted would also be a nice payoff...literally. But for real--similarly to 'Pac, I think I could spark the mind of those that can & will change the world. I really do believe that.


What can we look forward to in the near future from Reconcile and Mass Reality Enterprises?


Real Talk. Real Music. A new wave of forward-thinking music. Revolution.


Any last words?


It's been good--thanks for the opportunity man. Shouts to Aphire, HHFTS,to everyone who has copped the album already. To those who haven't, go ahead & make that happen! You'll be glad you did! MassReality.Com...BigRecMusic.Com!! Holla @ me;)! One Body, One Love, 12:12.


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