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interview // pk smooth

What is the logic behind your name?

The logic behind my name is simple...the PK stands for Preachers Kid...I grew up the son of a pastor...and the smooth which is always lower case, actually comes from the book of Isaiah, Chapter 40 verse 4: "...and the ruff places made smooth..." because in Godís site n grace HE made me smooth to do his work.

 How was it like living as a preachers kid?

Wow...man it had its ups n downs, but it was great...I mean my folks made sure I wasn't out doing stuff I shouldn't beenÖbut I still did a lilí, Thanks be to GOD that I was able to maintain though for the most part...thatís actually how I got the name PK...kids started to tease me with it and junk at first I was embarrassed, but as grew older n matured I realized it was a true honor. It goes back to Proverbs 18:26 I believe it is "...raise a child up in the ways of GOD, so when they OLD they wonít depart..." That is so true, because growing I had so many opportunities to do things n go that wrong route, but I never really chose that way, for very long then seeing my pops dedication to the church is what shaped me as an adult, he passed in the middle of my senior year in high school from cancer. Three days before Christmas and he still pastored in the pulpit up until a week before he died...thatís a legacy that will always stay with me, and I hope to one day pass the same to my seeds.

 How long have you been into Hip-Hop?

Man thatís been a looooooong time for sure...my roots in hip hop go back to when I first moved to FL back in 1979, but thatís only because I heard everywhere I went. I didn't actually start to listen until 1983, but then fell out for a few years, and hit it hard in 1986, thatís when I really made a place in this hip hop culture, and then in 1986 is also when I first was exposed to gospel hip hop, thatís when my life really changed, and I knew my calling.

 What motivated you to get into this industry?

Well to put it plainly GOD, but it was just something that was part of me, that goes back to when I first heard hip-hop. I knew it was my kind of music...but didn't really get into it then and I had growing to do first...but now I see how much our youth is being seduced by all this garbage this culture is feeding them, I remember growing up n not hearing 75% of what they hear today it makes me sad. I have such a heart for the youth that I'm be out there anyway n however possible to help be that light in this darkness of culture has let in... GOD called me to this when I was 15 too, n its just been ever since.

 What was your first single/recording?

Well I never really put anything out for sale or anything, but have made garage copies for myself and that would have to be when I first got started probably around 1989, it was in a group I was in then called H2O (Here 2 Overcome), and we did a song called that was basic and SORRY, lol.

 What was/is your favorite single/recording you did?

I would have to say it was this song I did when I was in a group called "Celestial minds" the song was called "Let The Spirit Move Ya"...that is probably my favorite...and as a matter fact on my album when ever I finish it will be there as a Celestial Mind reunion.

 How would you classify your style as an artist?

Well I most defiantly have a type of old school style wit a funked out feel. I love JAZZ, funk, and blues, so my tracks will always have that feel to them. My flow is a real laid back type storyteller style, which is actually funny because my mentor growing up was Big Daddy Kane. I mean I studied him like crazy him and Rakim. About three years ago now I was just messing round rhyming one day when I was still I the Marines, and I had someone actually say that you remind me of Big Daddy, by the way I flowed not my voice

 What artist(s) have you not worked with, but would like to?

Wow, there's so many I haven't, I've actually only worked with like two or three, so there's so many I would, but one I would love to work with one day is most defiantly Stevie Wonder, I am still a big fan today. I would love to do a song with Dynamic Twins as well I want to do a remake of one they songs from their first CD, but with them on it

 Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in five yearsÖfirst completely walking in GODS perfect will, but particularly I see myself full time in the ministry of Remnant Enterprises, and PHORUM magazine, and of course still rhyming for my GOD...I see my self most defiantly married with a couple kids by then to that perfect lady that I will only ever have eyes for...end

 What do you feel is the toughest part of the music industry?

Wow! Catching' your break n getting exposed...there so many talented people out there that don't get a break because whether their music they do ain't popular, or people just are afraid to bring them on. Thatís why GOD has called me in this industry...because he knows that if a person got talent n I know it they will be getting signed if its GOD's will... so I would say being noticed, catching your break while getting' exposure needed while maintaining who you are as an artist.

 What would the ultimate reward for you be?

My ultimate reward would making it thru this world, and probably be on the background mostly and meet face to face everybody I had a chance to influence or helped to change their lives, all at one time, and of course hearing my GOD say well done.

 What message are you trying to get across to fans?

Well the main message I'm trying to get across is straight Jesus...N I mean its ok to say the name of JESUS, n be proud of it, n to say I am a servant of GOD no diggity no mater what the cost is... I just want to show the world the true GOD that I know for myself, and show them that they too can know HIM as I do, and that no matter what they have done HE will be there to accept unconditionally that HE never turns HIS back on us, and even though I may fail someone, GOD Never will.

 What is your favorite Bible verse(s) and why?

My favorite verse wow...there so many...ummmm probably Romans 8:28 "for GOD works out ALL things for the good of us who love HIM n keep HIS commands..." and thatís because this verse shows HIS grace completely it tells me that no matter what. HE will work things out...HE will forgive us, that HE's not a vengeful GOD. So people say that if you made a mistake if something' happened because of your doing, then you have to face it and work through, but this scripture does not say that at all. What it does say is that ALL things, this means to me our fault not our fault period HE will work it out. It doesn't say ALL things except things that are your fault, it says ALL period and that shows GOD's true agape unconditional love.

 If someone were to look in your CD player or tape player right now what would be in it?

2 Live Crew...naw just kidding, serious this moment I have Pettidee, Stevie Wonder, Jazz, Mark of the East, Cross Movement, Grits, 1 WAY, T-Bone, and Gospel Gangstas.

 Who do you feel is your biggest influence and why?

In life my number one influence still is my father even though HE's gone home to be with GOD now, man his example will always stay with me, and if I can just follow in his footsteps just half I will truly be blessed. Musically I would have to say again Steve Wonder, Old school MC's, Old time JAZZ, mixed in with and combined with the HOLY spirit thatís where I get all my lyrics.

 If you could change one thing in world, what would it be?

This Agnostic, atheistic, selfish, only care bout myself, attention getting attitude of pride we have and we don't need GOD, he's only a story book character and the BIBLE is an archaic book written by men...thatís what I would change to where how our nation was founded "In God We Trust".

 If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?

Nice. I like that. It would be to know who my wife is...naw seriously...to have the strength and heart Jesus did by dying for all mankind if that meant that they all would be saved.

What should we expect from you in the future?

Well I should be releasing a EP before Christmas I hope and soon maybe a year a full length album and video, ALL in GOD's time. Right now my main focus is on PHORUM Magazine and Remnant Enterprises Inc.

What would you like to say to all the new artists in the game?

STAY up don't get discouraged, you going to pay ya dues, but hang in there, when its GOD's time HE will bring it all to pass and whatever you do, do not loose sight of why you in thisÖdo not use hip hop as a way to get to GOD, and worshiping HIM...go to GOD in worship to be used in hip hop...keep HIM first, and not hip hop to serve HIM. Serve HIM period first and the rest will come.

How can your fans contact you?

Shoot I'm real reachable they can hit me by email anytime 'PKsmoothb@hotmail.com', or'PKtheonly@aol.com', 'PKsmooth@remnantenerprises.com', on Instant Message 'PKtheonly'...and for more contact info they get it from http://remnantenterprises.com.

 Any last words?

Stay up to all, because GOD is building up a mighty army through all of us, and HE's just moving the chess pieces in position to check mate the devil's reign, let's stay faithful, and open to HIS calling n not loose focus...I believe GOD will use hip hop like he did the tent revivals of the 60's in our generation. To all who have supported me, PHORUM Magazine, and Remnant Enterprises, thanks so much you all have been a true blessing to a brother... http://www.remnantenterprises.com http://PHORUMonline.com


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