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interview // mynista

What is the origin of the names Mynista and Docta Wuzdead?


well, when I was a secular rapper, my name was Synista, when I gave my life to God, I changed that “S” into an “M”. My alias “Docta Wuzdead” is two parts of who I am, and my mission in music. Docta comes from being about God’s business of healing the sick….sick in soul, spirit, and body. Wuzdead comes from me being spiritually dead before Christ….”I was dead, now I’m alive in Jesus.”


How did you begin rapping and who was your inspiration?


I began rapping by making me a little home made studio in my room in my early teens…I would rig it up, and rap on other peoples beats. I use to right poetry before that, so I just spit my poetry to the beats. I started rappin’ pro in 96’, got my first record deal in 97’. I heard other kats doin it…and when Kriss- Kross blew up…I knew I had to krank up!


You have a great testimonial; can you briefly fill me in?


Yeah, well the group I was in in Tampa was actually involved in the occult, and I didn’t know it. I had heard Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and DMX rap about selling their souls to the Devil, but I was lost at the time so it was just words to me….until I got approached by the forces of darkness for myself, asking me to willingly sell my soul (mind, will, and emotions and “My Talent”) in exchange for fortune and fame. To make it short and simple, I said “no” to the devil and his offer, and said “yes” to God and His plan for my life, and “yes” to His purpose for my life in this world.


How did Warria Records form?


When I got saved, I wasn’t even thinking about music…I was ready to leave it all….but God told me to change my name to “Mynista”, and to start “Warria records”….so I did it.


What will listeners hear on your next release, Da Ghetto Shepherd?


Man!!!....I’m really excited about this album; I think it’s the rawest Mynista project ever made. All of the production is top notch and “mainstream”, so it’s sure to catch the ears of anybody from anywhere… In the Church, and in the streets. Every song is anointed, and when I say anointed, I mean smeared and painted with God’s presence and voice….These songs are alive because Jesus is alive, and I die to self to let Him be the rapper….not me. That’s what makes my music special…I aint trying to do nothing but let God have His way…plus it’s bangin! The title “Da Ghetto Shepherd” simply means “World leader” to me….compared to heaven, this world….this entire earth, is a “Ghetto”….that’s what the Word means when it says that “Jesus became poor, so that we could become rich.” Also, My style is Ghetto (street), and I’m from the ghetto. but my mind and my heart are no longer “Ghetto”. “Follow me as I follow Christ.”


What do you feel is your favorite track off the album?


It’s hard for me to say….it just depends on the mood I’m in. Right now my favorite is “Don’t Talk” featuring Dionne. It’s a real song about walking the talk, and not just running our mouths about Jesus….even the Devil knows that “Jesus Walks”…but the Devil aint “walking with Jesus.”


What inspires your songs?


Whatever I feel that God is saying to me about anything….whatever burns inside of my soul is what gets put down…I’m just His echo.


What albums are in your discography?


-Mynista : Blood Covered (2000)

-Da’ Cipes : Triple Seven (2001)

-Wealth of Da Wicked compilation (2002)

-Mynista : Ghetto Grace (2003)


Tell me about “Bloody Streets” by your alias Docta Wuzdead, what made you decide to make the whole album free to the public via your website?


Well actually, Bloody Streets is really a project that we press up retail ready, and we make it available for FREE to the streets. Since the web is a great resource for free music, we made it available for download as well. The purpose for Bloody Streets is to get the message, and the music into the ears and hearts of those that really can’t even afford to buy our CD’s….and to get it to those that don’t even buy CD’s….this is our “outreach” project”, we are seeing a lot of people give their hearts to God because of this album, We have over 2000 units of volume one in the streets right now from us alone, not to mention all of our partners that “burn” copies and give them out. Docta Wuzdead “Bloody Streets 2 : The Devil’s Adversary” coming soon!


Any guest appearances currently in the works?


Me and my camp are getting ready for a group album….in 2001 me and label mate “Qfyre” released “Triple Seven” under the name “Da’ Cipes”, however there are four of us now, so we had a permanent name change, but I can’t release it yet….you will be one of the first to get the press release! Also, I just collaborated with K-Lee for his upcoming album “The Second chapter”, the song is called “30 pieces”, and you can hear it at http://www.k-lee777.com.


What would the ultimate reward for you be?


To hear God say “Well done, my good and FAITHFUL servant.”


What can we look forward to in the near future from Mynista and Warria Records?


anointed bangers baby!!!! a World Wide invasion of God’s Glory covering the Earth through this camp.


Any last words?


Yeah…”Mynista : Da Ghetto Shepherd”….copp the pre-release now from http://www.warriarecords.com. To all of my Warriaz, enlisted and fighting…”KEEP MOVIN”!!!


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