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interview // metah

What does the name Metah mean?


Meta is a prefix that means taking on many forms and beyond the usual.  I just added the h at the end to be different I guess…haha..


How did you begin rapping and who was your inspiration?


Actually, (believe it or not) I began rapping on a dare.  My best friend who was doing Bass Music with Kid Money from Splack Pack at the time asked me to recite a verse that he wrote.  Then, I rapped it and my boy was like, “That’s not bad”!  This time say it with more emotion.  From there, I got into bass music for a while, then R&B, etc until I found my niche in hip-hop.  I was always good at poetry, but never made the connection until I met a good friend of mine in high school that put me on to Organized Konfusion, KRS-ONE, Common, Nas, The Native Tongues, etc. From there, it was written!! Haha..My inspiration came first from God most definitely.  After that it would certainly be my grandfather.  My grandfather was an amazing poet.  He could literally paint a picture with words.


What is the origin of your group Organik Aura?


Organik Aura which consists of me and Slice was started back while I attended Tuskegee University a few years ago.  I met him after I performed at the Freshman Talent Show with my group Manifest Destiny (myself and a girl named Eclipse).  He showed us love and asked if I was interested in collaborating sometime.  I was like, “Cool!”  A few months later Eclipse left Tuskegee and transferred to Auburn, then moved to Orlando, Florida.  From there, Slice and I were working on so much material together anyway and the chemistry was there so we decided to form the group Organik Aura.


Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?


I get most of my inspiration from life experience.   Most of what I write is either something I experienced already or something experienced mentally (through dreams, etc..)


How did you start producing?


First off, I started playing piano when I was about 4 years old.  As I got older, I was always curious about composing my own music.  I was getting tired of playing everyone else’s music.  I definitely wanted to have some creative input/influence into the music I played.  My mom introduced me to a couple of teachers from the church and began to learn tricks here and there.  Then, I grew a stronger interest in producing after getting started with Bass Music.  From there, I learned how to DJ and used to hang with friends and simply just watch them work in the studio.  The summer of 1999, I lived in New York City and began purchasing my own equipment and taught myself.


How long does it take averagely to make a Metah beat?


Ummm.  It all depends on the artist and the inspiration at the time.  But, typically it can take me as little as 15-20 minutes to days (when I’m working with an artist that I’m totally unfamiliar with).


Any record label prospects in the works?

At the moment, I am taking my time as far as signing with someone right now.  I just don’t want to rush into anything.  If the right opportunity presents itself, I will definitely take a second look though.  Creative control is very important to me..


What’s in store in the near future from Metah?


In the near future, I am working on several projects.  First, I have my solo album which is entitled, “The Why, The Soul, The Reason” that will be near completion pretty soon.  I have an extremely talented group of artists (Eternia, K-Hill, MercuryWaters, Laif,  Velbenn, Jennifer Johns, Tiffany Walker, Abb-D, etc.) that will be on that one.  The list is simply too long to name right now, but some production will come from the BeatFanatic and LikeMinds crews as well as a few others like WhyOS, Spen, DJ Kay, MoO & James, Station, Sumo (didn’t forget about everyone else) and trust me it will be nice.  Secondly, I have an album in the works with instrumentalist/producer extraordinaire, Obsidian Blue and super-talented poet/emcee MercuryWaters.  Look out for this one as well – it will be incredible!  Further, I have a compilation with the LikeMinds crew (myself, J-Fish, Keelay, Zaire, AV, etc.).  Serious heat will rise from this project for sure.  Finally, the last two in the near term include an EP with Giuliano from Paris entitled “Infinite Horizon” and a new album from Organik Aura of course entitled “Moon Rhythms”.


Any last words?


First, I would like to thank God for continuing to bless me.  I would also like to thank my family back in Atlanta, Chanon (love you), all my closest and dear friends, Neblina Records, O-Blue, MercuryWaters, Nicolay (thanks again man), BeatFanatic, LikeMinds, Abb-D, Station (thanx for all your help), Roman, Giuliano and everyone else involved with my projects as well as all the listeners for all their continued support (hope I didn’t leave anyone out).  Last, I would like to thank you Caleb and Aphire for interviewing me!  It has been a pleasure…


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