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interview // mark j


Mark J with his unique musical style has taken the hip hop community by storm since his debut release We Wrestle Not in 1996 on Christ Inspired Only Records. His lyrics are known for being strong and steadfast with the message of Christ. Mark J is now back with his forth release entitled City of Pain off Much Luvv Records, which has received excellent reviews.


How did you beginning rapping and who was your inspiration?


I started rapping in ’95 after touring with a group called “YBC” (Young Brothers in Christ).  They were the first Christian rap crew that showed me you can minister through rap.  I guess you can call them my first inspiration to get in this ministry.


What albums are in your discography?


1995- "Think on these things" YBC Self-Entitled
1996- "We Wrestle Not" 1st LP Cio Music
1997- "Sheep Tales" Elle-Roc (Sheep Tales)
1997-"Forever Pregnant" 2nd LP CMN Records
1997-"Party Mix" CMN Records  (Rhetorical Concepts)
1998-"Unified Revolution" Future Shock (Venus Vantage)
1998-"Godzhouse Compilation" CMN Records (Virtuous, Mic Knights)
1998-"Sound of the Rebirth" Sound of the Rebirth
1999-"Concept After Concept" 3rd LP Rescue Records
2000-"Urban Soldiers" Rescue Records (Blessed Insurance)
2000-"Sonic Imperial" Rescue Records (Countdown)
2001-"On Def Ears" The Pride (Slow Motion)
2002-"Unstoppable" Ricky B & Forgiven
2002-"I Die Daily" Elle-Roc (Virtuous)
2003-"City of Pain" 4th LP Much Luvv Records
2003-"Awethentic" Enock (Next Up)
2004-"UBU" Truth (Move ya stuff)
2004-"State of the Heart" F.O.W. (Generations)
2004-"Best of the Submissions" Beatmart recordings (Lord, Lord)
2004-"The Next...Now" Much Luvv Crew-Much Luvv Records
2004-"Compromise" Promise D'Apostle (Breathe)
2005-"SOULutions: The Love Method" 5th LP Coming soon....


How did you hook up with Much Luvv Records?


Tre-9 kept calling me, stalking my house, family and church members, threatening me unless I signed with his label (lol)!  Just kiddin’…He and I hooked up after “Flavor Fest” down in Tampa. We understood each others vision for our music and God put it together from there.


What is the logic behind the title of your latest release "City of Pain"? 


I was riding through Atlanta one day and God just started showing me the hurts and sorrows in the souls of everyday people. Later that day I went home and read Rev 21:23, which talks about the New Jerusalem and how there will be no need for a sun in the city because the Lamb, Jesus Christ will illuminate the whole earth.  The parallel of that day gave birth to the song, City of Pain. I just wanted people to know that even though we’re livin’ in a city of pain you can look forward to a city that needs no sun. Feel me.


What do you think listeners will hear on this album?


Fire!!! Pure heat!! Nah, seriously though…I believe my songs have cause cats to think and inevitable make a choice to change. I’ve gotten so many positive responses from heads that have been encouraged and admonished by the joints on this album.


What do you feel is your favorite track off the album?


It keeps changing as time goes by, but I would say right now it would be “A Slave’s Cry”


What inspires your songs?


Soulful tunes with lyrics that cause you to think. I’m an old soul….what can I say?


What would the ultimate reward for you be?


Sounds corny to some but….to see my Lord face to face. I’m young but I’m ready.  I can’t wait to see him. Fo’ real!!


What is your favorite Bible verse and why?


Philippians 1:21. Why, because either way I can’t lose. 


What can we look forward to in the near future from Mark J and Much Luvv Records?


Someone getting shot, jail time, club fights, sexual assaults…just the usually rap label stuff. LOL!! We really are trying to put out some more hits and make music that will change the world one soul at a time. Look out for “The Next…Now”-Much Luvv Fam, “The Farmer” Tre-9 and “SOULutions: The Love Method”-Mark J. coming out our camp soon. God Bless!!


Any last words?


Stop frontin’ and pick up “City of Pain” at www.dasouth.com/muchluvv


For more information on Mark J check out http://www.markjonline.com   


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