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interview // luke geraty

The husky voiced emcee smashed barriers with The Before I Sold Out EP, and is now back with the full length, much awaited, release entitled It's Cold Out Here, which has been given rave reviews from many different sources. This rapper is not of the average with a style much different than anything you have heard and quite possibly different than you will ever hear again.

Are you still recording with Sackcloth Fashion and are there any new releases about to happen?

I no longer record as a member of Sackcloth Fashion, I do however record with them on certain projects, such as the up and coming Fashion Expo 2 and I'm sure Tim will do beats for me on future releases.  It all just depends on what happens and the right timing I suppose.  They are good friends so it's hard to say it wouldn't happen, cuz I'm sure we'll make more music and have fun in the process.

How did Syntax form?

Well, Syntax, from my understanding, basically formed because Tim and Steve from Sackcloth Fashion decided to put out their own album after doing the music thing for such a long time and never really getting any 'record label' interest outside from a few small things here and there.  I think they saw a huge hole in the industry that they felt they could fill and help out.  They formed Syntax, and after the first Sackcloth album, got distribution and the rest is history, from what I understand.  Again, don't take that as 100% fact as I'm sure there's more to it and what not. 

How did you get into Web Site Design?

Necessity!  My dad owns a Information Technology company and I just started messing around with it, and did some sites for people here and there, and next thing I know I'm doing them for more and more people.  I don't have quite as much time as I did before I started touring full time, so it's kind of a back burner thing, although I'm still doing it, and if anyone reading this wants one, hit me up at luke@lukegeraty.com and we can work it out... I try and work on the prospective person's budget as I look at it kind of a way for me to minister to people.  Not everyone can afford $2,000 for a web site, so I'm here charging WAY below that. 

What is new that is coming out with Syntax?

Well I know Braille has a new record out, and it is very dope.  Othello is coming out soon, and after hearing his, I'm excited for that to come out as it's also very good.  Man of War is dropping one really quick here which is an ep that has a ton of bonus junk on it, and I know Fashion Expo 2 is in the works, as I recorded a few things for it last week.  I'm hoping to start working on some new stuff soon as well. 

I know you had a European tour, any other international tours in the works?

I'm going back there at the end of the year I believe, and working on touring Japan.  Japan is kind of like the one place I want to tour more then anything as I'm part Japanese (on my dad's side of the fam) and would love to kind of learn more about my heritage.  I also would like to go to Australia. 

Who is featured on your new album "Itís Cold Out Here"?

Well, "It's Cold Out Here" features the rap skills by Pigeon John, RedCloud, know1, and Aqwamann.  Beats are by sirROCDOMZ, moodswing9 of anticon/ vinyl monkeys, know1, john huss, and a few others.  The album was more of a concept album to me, and I was trying to 'paint the picture' of a really cold night.  I don't really get into the whole having tons of guests on your project so you can sell records thing, so I tried to keep it simple.  Pigeon and Cloud just happened to be rolling through the area and I got them a show in Minneapolis so while they were kicking it, we recorded a song and the rest all happened just as a 'this fits the album' type of thing.  I know on my next project I'll have certain people on it, but like I said, I generally don't like to do anything with people unless I know them pretty well or consider them a friend.  Too many rappers do songs with everyone and their mom simply because they want to sell records.  

What is your favorite song from the album?

Hmm.  That's a tough one.  I think the most heart felt song on the album is 'Labor of Love' as it's very personal and means the most to me.  I think 'Last Episode of Funk' is cool too, since it's a fun one to do live and junk.  I mean, to be honest, I, as a whole, dig the whole album for what it is.  It was an album that I recorded in the freezing cold of the world famous winters that we have back home and the whole idea of making a 'dark-depressing' type of vibe was what I wanted to do, and believe I accomplished.  Some monkeys out there would call that over the top emotional, but that is because most monkeys like boring rap.  Boring rap has been done a million times, and so for what it's worth, I'm happy with just about everything on the album.  I really like the song 'Whispers' too, and then 'Usher in the spring' was dope as it's on a moodswing beat.  I don't know, the album is wack if you ask me;)

What new projects are in the works or in the future?

I got a project I'm releasing on a label out of Cali called A plus 9 Records, and then I'm doing an exclusive indie project called "Carpenter's Hands" that will be given away at shows and with purchases through my site and possibly a few others and then Tim and I have been talking a bit about the next Syntax release.  I guess it all depends on the timing.  I've got a ton of projects I'm always working on, just who knows if it'll be used. 

What artists have you not worked with but would like to?

Last Emperor, Aesop Rock, Common, Gift of Gab, Jay Z, Verbs (as in Knowdaverbs), King J Mack, kaboose, Gibraan, sage francis, brother ali, man... the list is long.  There's a ton of cats out there that are super dope and super never-going-to-work-with-me, so, hard to say.  I would REALLY like to work with Verbs though.  I just stayed at his dad's house in Pheonix and it was just so cool to see where that guys come from.  I really believe in what he's doing and would like to work with him.  A few of the above names are in the works, and we'll see if they pan out, but over all, I guess I just kind of would like to work with anyone who's willing to build and become a friend and then record songs.  I also would like to work with Lightheaded as I really believe in what they too are doing, and think they are all dope. 

What do you see for yourself in the next five years?

Doing whatever it is God has for me in my life... whether that's touring the country and recording albums and all that, or working a normal job still ministering through my life, so be it.  I'm cool with whatever it is God has for me.  As long as those are in order, I'm straight. 

What is one lesson God is currently teaching you?

Well, I'd say a lesson the Lord has always been teaching me and will always be teaching me is that He is faithful.  The Lord provides in some many amazing ways.  Just a few weeks ago we stayed in Casper, WY with this friend who had to cancel the show since things just didn't work out.  Well, despite us not even doing a show, we were blessed so much.  We ended up driving away with almost $1000 and we didn't even do any music.  It was like, testimony of God providing no matter what, cuz that money really helped out in the grand scheme of things.  Another thing God has been showing me is that we as the Body of Christ have gotten further and further away from where we are SUPPOSED to be as the Body.  More and more I meet people who are truly struggling to read their Word and when they do read it's as if reading 10 verses is a really big accomplishment.  I think people have gotten so insensitive to the Spirit of God and have gotten to the place where they are complacent with where they are at, and I think that's a product of today's leadership.  I find that more and more of our church's pastors and staff are the same way, and it's hard to go anywhere when your leadership isn't leading you to a place closer to God.  God is so full of grace and mercy though, and it's exciting to meet people all over the country who ARE seeking God with their whole heart and are truly wanting to live their lives fully for him.  So, in closing (ha ha, I sound like a preacher!!) I'd say that God is showing me that there is a huge need within the Body of Christ to be encouraged and taught THROUGH the Word of God.  Psalm 119 tell us that to live according to God's commands we have to hide the Word in our hearts. We need to encourage one another to do that, and to seek God fully. 

What do you feel is the toughest part of the music industry?

I'd have to say, being away from my wife and daughter and the rest of my family.  I'm really close to my parents and sisters so it's been tough to be away, but starting in July, my wife and daughter will be touring with me, so I'm very excited about that...  very. 

What would the ultimate reward for you be?

In regards to a heavenly reward, I'd have to say that when I stand before God and I want to hear "Well Done".  I want Christ to be glorified through what I do now, and that's what Iím constantly trying to do, and God is good, as I feel like my relationship with Him has only gotten stronger these past 6 months.  So, the ULTIMATE reward would be to know that God is pleased with me, and I'm assured through His Word that He is, and I am assured He loves me, so in a sense, I've already got the ultimate reward! 

If talking about an 'earthly' reward, I'd have to say that I would really enjoy having people like my music, come to shows, and being able to continue to do this and minister to people for as long as God see's fit, which I would hope could be until I'm 50.  I'd also like to make it to a higher level in that I'd like to do something on a major label and have distribution and some marketing behind me, so that the higher level could be reached, but again, those are just small earthly things, and I'm sure if you asked me tomorrow I'd tell you I'd never want to be on a major label.  It seems to fluctuate back and forth... ha ha ha!

Who do you feel is your biggest influence and why? 

My biggest influence I would 100% have to say would be life itself.  The reason why is because I pull everything I do from it.  I donít listen to much rap anymore, so it's hard to say I'm influenced by much more then Gangster Rappers and DJ Premier beats in the rap field.  When I write songs I generally just am going off experiences and things I find ironic about life.  I guess I could take it one step further and say that God's my biggest influence, but I am trying hard not to sound like a clichť Christian.  I know I read the Word quite a bit and it says it will never return void, so I'm sure there's something there, plus, on top of that, I'd say I'm influenced by my wife and daughter, as they are on my mind just about all the time.  They are testimony of God's love for me, as they are such huge blessings. 

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I'd change the ideas and perceptions people have in regards to Christianity... so in essence I'd like to educate every single person on who Christ is, what He did for all men and women, and where they fit into things, which I suppose has to do with identity.  Our world has a huge lack of understanding identity crisis going on, and I think if the above was explained well, that would change. 

If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?

I wouldn't mind being able to fly at the speed of light (is that a super human power?)  Then I could do my show, and fly and see my daughter and wife, and then fly back to the next show right before I go on. 

What is the worst job you have ever had?

I worked at a cheese factory (yes, the place they make cheese at) for about 3 hours and then figured out how WWWWAAAACCCCCKKKKKK it was, and I bounced. That was the WORST job of all time. 

What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect the Truth.  I am hoping to also develop myself more as an artist and hoping that I can continue to operate in the areas I'm strong in, and to change the areas I'm weak in.  Other then that, you can count on me going fishing in Alaska next year!

For more information on Luke Geraty check out http://www.lukegeraty.com  


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