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interview // kwu

What the science about your name?

Knowledge Wisdom & Understanding (KWU) is about spirituality, empowerment and lifting the consciousness of our people.

Who is who in the group?

Sha Bless, Jeff Wiley, and our vocalists Lady Titilayo and Tisha Boyd

What motivated you to get into this industry?

The quality of music and the lyrics that are out there are leaning towards a negative vibe, so we, with the help of God, would like to provide music that's positive and uplifting, not to mention truthful.

What was your first single/recording?

"People all over the world"

What was your favorite single/recording you did?

"Release the past". Too many of us hold on to the toxins and poisons from past mistakes. It's time to release them in order to move forward.

What instruments do you use?

Akai drum machines, korg keyboards

How would you classify your style as an artist?

unique, soulful hip hop with a conscious rap

Growing up, who do you think was a few of your biggest musical influences?

Sha - All the old time greats: Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin Bob Marley. All of these artists showed individuality & purpose, and they all delivered some sort of positive message in their music.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being well established in this business, providing jobs for our people, and continuing the work of GOD.

What do you feel is the toughest part of the music industry?

Racism, sexism, ignorance and greed.

What would the ultimate reward for you be?

To know that God is looking down on us and pleased with what we've done with the gifts given to us by Him.

What message are you trying to get across to fans?

That Black people in Americka are not the last, but the first, the chosen, one of the original 12 tribes of Israel, not to get too connected and comfortable in Babylon, never give up faith, and remember one day God will
deliver us all.

Do your friends and family look at you differently now?

not really, but they are very pleased

If someone were to look in your CD player or tape player right now what would be in it?

Sha - Bob Marley - Legend

Personally what does hiphop mean to you?

Sha - almost everything, it's our culture, it's a road that God provided to reach out and deliver his message to the youth, unfortunately the devil is trying to conquer eveything that God creates, but in the end we all know that God is

Who do you feel is your biggest influence and why?

Sha - Jesus Christ, because he gave up his will to do the will of his father. We could write about anything, be a part of the lost souls that are out there, but we are giving up our will, to put God's message in our music.

How do you feel your music will effect its listeners?

We believe that it will lift the consciousness of most, hopefully it will peak their interest in God, and search for themselves truth, knowledge, wisdom which will bring them a better understanding of who they are and what
they mean to God.

If you could change one thing in world, what would it be?

Evil, and those who have supremacy complexes

What would you like to say to all the new artists in the game?

All gifts come from above, walk in faith not by sight. If it is truly your desire to be in this business, then go for it!
After all, it was God who put the seeds in your heart in the first place.

How can your group be contacted?

you could visit our website: http://www.kwu-inc.com 

Are you signed?

No not yet, right now we are pushing our music independently

If someone wanted to purchase your music, where would they find it?

Right now our music is available via internet, visit our site for more info.We also have a couple of tracks on MP3.com, you could find it by using the url http://www.mp3.com/kwu

Any Last Words?

Put God first and all things will be added on to you..


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