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Boombox Titans debuted with ďA Voice in the DesertĒ which became an instant classic for head bobbers and had a high mileage on the spins. After such a scorching freshman album, the disbandment of the impressive Boombox Titans was not foreseen. Boombox Titanís talented and multitasking (for he was Boombox Titanís engineer, producer, and emcee) founder, Kid Sundance, gave Aphire an exclusive look into the break up of the Titans and a glance into future.


How did the Boombox Titans all come together?


First off- I love my sister, she's tied with my wife for my biggest fan, and I told her I would give her props in this interview. So there you go Sarah! I love you. Anyways...  the Titans. Well, originally in early 2001, it started up with me and Cause-B at our church. My Dad had a studio there where he let me make beats and record, and so me and Cause-B got down and made the first album, "This Time". It was very experimental, with me on the production and Cause-B on a few cuts singing and junk. But he ended up having a thing where his wife felt like he was spending too much time on music and not enough on her (sound familiar musician wives?), and so he went ghost on me for like over a year. So then it was just me, the Boombox Titan. I went to a very non-hip-hop church, and so I never really wanted to do shows there, plus, since I had given my life to God, I had developed stage fright. It was weird. I used to rap all the time as a young druggie, but I guess I never really had to deal with reality, and the vulnerability of being broken. So I went full internet on the whole thing and that's where I discovered that there was all kinds of dope hip hop for God that was out there. So late 2001, there ended up being a hip hop show being booked at my church, and I finally said to myself, "no way am I going to have a hip hop show in my church come through and me not rock it." The crew performing was Elekt Poetz, consisting of Kwon 5966, Kruz, Change the Rekindled One, Jocyph, Torch, and Phenom. They rocked it, I rocked it- despite stage fright, and the church loved it. The spirit really moved. After the show, we linked up and I showed them the studio and stuff, and we exchanged numbers and took it from there. Elekt Poetz kind of self destructed soon after as a crew, and so Jocyph and Torch linked up with me and we did the Common Bonds EP, and then Phenom, and the Oracle joined up for A Voice in the Desert LP.


What caused the Boombox Titans to disband?


Burnout on my part mainly. I'm a workaholic when it comes to music, and I think that this year it really got to me. I know a lot of cats are thinking I straight P-Diddy'd the whole crew, but it wasn't even like that. Basically, as the head of the crew, I had to wear a lot of hats to get things popping how they popped for us, and I think eventually it took its toll big-time. I was the main financer of the operation, I was the booking agent half the time, I was the producer, I was a main MC, and I engineered all the joints. That's a lot of hats for one head. And while I was happy to do that for the first 2 years, I just felt like my joy for doing this Boombox thing was slipping, and at the same time, this lack of joy was eating away at my overall joy. I'm a married man, and anyone who's in a quality marriage knows that you canít be walking around all depressed and not have it affect your relationship. So basically I came to a crossroads spiritually. Everyone around me that's close was saying that I should break it off, and in my prayer time, I was hearing the same thing from God. But I guess when you put so much of yourself into something, you don't want to bail on it and so I fought the advice and the Holy Spirit for like the past 8 months. Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided to give up and do it and just to move on, in obedience as a man of God, and just as a man, who HAS to put family before ministry.


What new ventures have the members decided to do?


Torch has ventured into buying a Scion, which as a vehicle matches his alien like nature. Jocyph has ventured into attempting to have every possible movie known to man in the form of a bootleg. Phenom and I call him Bootleg Bill. Phenom thinks he's buff, and has a secret life that he don't tell us about that has him acting all macho and flexing his chest while he tries to sell memberships at 24hr fitness... No for real, Torch has been on fire for God and is moving up the ranks as a teacher in his church, same with Phenom. They are both doing solo junk too. Jocyph, he really is Bootleg Bill, but he's doing a solo album which is about finished. His graf art is blowing up too, as he just hooked up with Shameless clothing. The Oracle is a custodian. And... well, he's still making music, but I believe he's preparing for a little proposal to his girl in the near future, but donít tell her. Cause-B, is chilling out photographing wild ducks, and collecting sweaters. Actually, Cause-B might be a part of my new band.


Are any remaining members going to form a new group?


Not that I know of, although before Boombox, Phenom and Torch, who are high school buddies, had a crew called FOM (Fisherz of Men). Jocyph joined that crew too. But anyone that knows Jocyph knows that if you kick it with him long enough, he's going to be in your crew, haha.


What was the last song Boombox Titans recorded as a group?


We have 2 last songs coming out on different mixtapes, actually. One is going to be on the Sphere of Hip Hop mixtape, and it's called "New Day". Mad throwback status in the sound, and it knocks. The other joint is coming out on my man DJ Form's (of Grits and Out of Eden fame) mixtape called "On Deck". The song title is "Visionary Writers", and this one is real nice too.


Personally, how do you feel about the Boombox Titans disbanding?


Well, it's bittersweet; I mean when you put so much into something, you kind of don't want to let it go.  But at the same time, when God calls you to do something, you get excited. Because God doesn't break one thing down in your life and not bring something in that's even greater, and because of that, I am truly excited at what's on the horizon for me!


What the science behind the name Kid Sundance?


Two sources- the first is from one of my favorite flicks, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I always dug how the Sundance Kid was just pure action, and not a lot of hype, and that's how I strive to be creatively and business wise as well. The second is the Sun Dance, a very important aspect of Native American culture that showed the connection between the cycles of life. Regeneration. When one thing dies, a new thing is born. And that's kind of where I'm at as a Christian HHH Head in the year 2004-2005. A new thing is being born in me.


How did you start rapping and who was involved?


In 1992, my high school buddies Sage, Franklin and Alan and I, and a few others all just started doing it. We used to freestyle as much as possible, and then Alan got tables and we started making freestyle tapes every week. I was 15, and I pretty much sucked until I got to be about 20, and then things started clicking. That was around the time we got going a thing in San Diego with my man Disco Rick, and the TV Crew, 9mm, and MFI crews, and young Unite One, and a few other SD cats called LOTL, or Land of the Lost. It started small, but by late 94, it was a pretty well known freestyle spot. I was the second cat to ever rhyme there with my old school name Super Golaktic, and I was never like the best or anything, but I consistently dropped styles on em, and occasionally caught serious fire.


Now about your solo career, is there anything coming up?


Yes. I am going to be venturing into production pretty heavy, and plan on using my newfound free time to work with a variety of artists that I find interesting, or that I admire. On deck, I have tracks out to Change the Rekindled One out of Michigan, YSG-Timothy (already recorded and good to go), another track and guest spot for Obstacle and Kaboose's upcoming  project, one for my other crew Hyborian Warriors (Man of War, Absent, Sintax, Syllabusta, Treyquel, etc...), my man 2Five will be rocking some Sun Deezy flavor, AND... I got tracks submitted to Playdough, Freddie B, Listener, KJ-52, Japhia Life, and some remixes for Beatmart, and finally, some top secret junk that you'll just have to find out when it pops! Whether any of things are solid is another question, haha, word to the industry we live in, but I just try and work with different people, and if they feeling the Sundance production vibe, cool. Mainly I want to balance being artistic with getting my name out there, production wise. Artist wise I am doing some type of solo album I know that...


How will your solo album differ from the Boombox Titans album?


It might be way different, I just have to see. Iím taking it really easy this summer, and just unwinding from all the stress, and by then we'll see. I still want to get out there MC wise, and really talk about some unity junk. Really address the rift that's happening between the underground scene and the gospel scene, talk about racism, talk about separatism, and biter-isms and haterisms... But musically, I also wouldn't mind putting together a soul band that just worships over these really freaky rare groove sounding instrumentals...everything real vintage sounding and true sounding, with much new drum breaks to offer up to the samplers...we need some new breaks.


Any favorite songs foreseen on your solo venture?


Yes, I got one that's coming out on Illect's new mixtape, available at illect.com, called "The Book of Us". It's about a profound event in my life earlier this year where in one weekend we lost our unborn child, and I lost my grandfather to cancer. It's a deep song about how through all the pain, our marriage became stronger than ever, and this song celebrates my love for my wife, La Vonda, who's been with me through the best of times and the worst of times, and has been my strength in so many different eras, it's not even funny.


What can we expect from Kid Sundance in the future?


You can of course pick up our album at www.boomboxtitans.com, www.sphereofhiphop.com, www.jydist.com and you can also get our guest spots on Kaboose's album, Incorporated Elements mixtape "On Deck", the Sphere of Hip Hop mixtape, and the Illect mixtape, which will have my first solo joint. In the future and present, I have also been I'll be doing some ill production, some collabs with YSG, working with Elias on some junk, and mainly just doing what it's all really about: Making dope music for Christ. Thanks for letting me have a voice family, PEACE.


For more information on Kid Sundance check out http://www.boomboxtitans.com


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