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interview // justme and cas metah

Scribbling Idiots consist a group of eight fresh artists who are CAS METAH, Elias, JustMe, Kaboose, MattmaN, Mouf Warren, Re:Flex the Architect and Ruffian. The new album under the Scribbling Idiots banner is “Scribbling Idiots Present JustMe and CAS METAH” which singles has been in heavy rotation in hip hoper’s mp3 play lists. The album features collaborations from the S.I. crew as well as some of the hottest artists out to date.  

How did all the Scribbling Idiots artists get together?

CAS METAH:  JustMe and I met at Scribble Jam 2002.  As for everyone else, I was already working with them all anyways, side projects and whatnot (except for Mouf Warren, we hadn't met yet.)  So I just proposed the idea to everyone, and they were all down.  Then I hooked up with Mouf and I just knew he was the missing piece.  And that's pretty much how it went down.

JustMe:  Wow that's a really short version but it will do.


What does Scribbling Idiots mean?

JustMe:  Scribbling Idiots just sort of came to me one day.  I'm a big Mark Twain fan and he used to call himself a scribbler of books.  The idiots part is just a healthy reminder that we're just as dumb as the next guy.


Who is featured on Scribbling Idiots Present...JustMe & CAS METAH?

JustMe:  Sintax.the.terrific, CunninLynguists, DJ DNA, Pigeon John, Mike Mottie, Tara Kennedy, and of course all the Idiots.


What is your favorite song off of the album?

CAS METAH:  "Finalized"

JustMe:  right now it's "Vacation"


What artists have you not worked with but would like to?

JustMe:  Common, Pharoah Monch, Ant from Atmosphere, Pete Rock, there's too many to list.

CAS METAH:  Cee-Lo, Outkast, ADeeM, Common, Gift of Gab, and plenty more.


What do you see for yourself in the next five years?

CAS METAH:  Going full-time with my music and hopefully finding "that" girl.

JustMe:  Raising my son with my wife, getting my teaching credential, and continuing to make music.


What do you feel is the toughest part of the music industry?

JustMe:  Definitely the financial aspects.  The music industry works a lot different than any day job.  It's more than full time and it takes a lot out of an artist to deal with the ins and outs of the industry.  It's also about the most unstable thing one can do with there life.

CAS METAH:  Well since I'm independent, handling all the business aspects myself.  But I like it.  I'm learning a lot.


What would be the ultimate reward for you?

CAS METAH:  Eternal life, but I've already been promised that!  Um, other than that, I'd like to get a nice record deal.

JustMe:  For me it would just be for God to be pleased with what I've done with my gifts and talents.  Although the big record deal has always been a dream.


Who do you feel is your biggest influence and why?

CAS METAH:  My Christian peer group because we sharpen each other and hold each other accountable.  I couldn't live without them.

JustMe:  I think he means musically dude.  Well I'm heavily influenced by all of the artists that I like.  Especially those that really bare their souls on record.  That goes for all genres of music.


If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

JustMe:  I wouldn't.  God created this world the way he wanted it and I don't want to be messing with that.

CAS METAH:  Man tough question.  I would like to see an end to poverty.

JustMe:  And this years Miss America is...lol


If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?

CAS METAH:  Sweet!  I wish I could have super-human strength so I wouldn't have to strain lifting those heavy boxes at work and so I could jump high enough to dunk! lol.

JustMe:  To be able to read peoples minds.  For obvious reasons.


What is the worst job you have ever had?

JustMe: I used to work at a grocery store as a courtesy clerk and at night I had to hose down the butcher's room.  That sucked!  As a matter of fact Ajax and Sojourn from Future Shock worked there with me and had to do the same thing.

CAS METAH:  My current job at ABX Air Inc.  It's hard on my body.


What can we expect from you in the future?

CAS METAH:  I'm dropping a project called "Guest Rooms" in the fall, G-Force Alliance in the winter, my official solo album "The Balancing Act" in the spring, and of course the Scribbling Idiots crew album will fall somewhere in there.

JustMe:  I'm producing stuff for a lot of artists and I'm working on my solo album "One Man's Trash".


For more information on Scribbling Idiots check out http://www.scribblingidiots.com 


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