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interview // illtripp

The exceptionally talented emcee, who is half of legendary Labklik and and part of the Deepspace5 collective, Illtripp has recently released his full solo album Dialog of the Downtrodden on Illect Recordings. Illtripp’s realistic thought provoking ballads and signature style that has been celebrated on miles of TDK tape are guaranteed to make your head nod. Illect Recordings uniquely offers a free e-card download of Illtripp’s album at http://www.illtripp.com, and you can purchase the album through your choice of high quality MP3 or traditional format at http://www.illectdirect.com.


When did you know that you wanted to be a rapper and who were your influences?


I started rapping when I was in junior High but didn't take it too seriously until I was 17. My influences at that time were run DMC and LL Cool J.


How did you meet up with Listener to form Labklik and how did you come up with the name?


Labklik was a name he had and was using he asked me if I wanted to be a part of it after he got a hold of one of my very early tapes.


How did Labklik hook up with Deepspace5?


Manchild asked us if we wanted to form a crew with The Pride and Sev Statik, we said, "sure" and that was the formation of Deepspace5.  Its really not that great of a story is it?


Labklik has released numerous independent albums, how many have been released, counting the TDK tape days?


 I don't know I think 9 or 10


Your upcoming solo release is entitled Dialog of the Downtrodden, what will listeners hear on this release?


All the beats were done by Freddie Bruno so it is a very well produced album. The songs are about real life and real people. There are not a lot of songs about rapping or being hip hop or representing or how good I am so it might not be what people are used to from a rap record. It is more just about life. I think if people listen to it they will get what I am trying to say, it is not, how should I say, complicated or obtuse lyrically most of it is fairly straight forward.


What influenced you to record a solo album?


I have always done solo work; this is just another group of songs I wanted to get out of my brain. The biggest drive for me on this project was the beats that Fred was doing for it, I think they are really good, so they inspired me to write about what I feel are important things.


What do you feel is your favorite track off the album?


I like a song called "Cardboard Self Portrait" a lot.


Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?


I would love to say, "from God." but I'm not sure my songs are nearly that profound so they must just come from my head. I get inspired by a line from a movie or a quote I read or something someone says to me or a sample in a beat. Anything can inspire a good song; the hard part in my opinion is fleshing that original concept out into an understandable rap song that people like to listen to.


How did you get together with illect records for your upcoming solo and Labklik albums?


I don't really know. I think they like our style of music.


What’s in store in the near future from illtripp, labklik, and Deepspace5?


Well, tomorrow I am going to work, beyond that I am not too sure.


Any last words?


 Am I dying or something? Why do I have to give my last words now? That is a lot of pressure.


For more information on illtrip check out http://www.labklik.com 


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