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interview // fiti futuristic

Fiti Futuristic is a powerful emcee complete with mission, microphone, and DJ Type A. Once signed to the mighty Grapetree until the fall of Goliath, and has now released his GT follow-up to All in Days Work entitled Watch What Happens released through Kulture Entertainment which has reviewers wondering if this could possibly be the same artist they once knew. Polishing his craft and becoming better each album he releases, Watch What Happens has guaranteed good reviews from the critics. The album is a wonderful blend of hip hop and light-hearted humor and should reserve a space in any hip hoppers CD collection.


What made you decide that you wanted to be an emcee and who were your influences?


I liked the rhythm of the beat.  I enjoyed the topics.  The bragging was funny. I grew up listening to the Beasties, LLCoolJ, Run-DMC, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.  I lived in Indiana, so Yo MTV raps was the only thing we had until the late 90’s.   From the very first time I heard Hip Hop, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.


How did you decide to name your latest release “Watch What Happens”?


My first cd sucked.  So, I stayed in the lab for 2 years working on my writing, cadence, etc.  When I started previewing the new stuff, we started getting a lot of attention.  I knew the album would get great reviews.  We put so much into it.  So I named it “Watch What Happens”. 


How does this release differ from your debut, and what will listeners hear on it?


Probably the biggest difference is that it’s not wack!  They’ll hear me get more than one take because I recorded the entire record at my own studio, as opposed to a label person saying, “O.k. next song”  and I’m like, “Let me get another take”  and he’s like, ”Naw son, that’s good, we gotz 5 mo to do today... NEXT SONG”.



What do you feel is your favorite tracks off that release?


Off of “All in Days Work” were Care To Tango and the beat for “End of the World”.  In my opinion, those were the only two worth anything.  On WWH, my favorite track is “The Boy Who Could Fly”.


How did you get with Kulture Entertainment?


Chad Horton (owner of Kulture) was promoting parties and shows for Crush Entertainment (Rhymefest’s Management).  Then he broke off and started doing his own parties and shows.  Type A was the resident DJ for the parties.  Type A and me have been boys since 1990.  Type A let Chad hear my stuff and we just connected.  I think he saw that I could do live shows, and that’s something he could work with. Shouts out to Type A and Chad Horton!!


How did you hook up with Grapetree Records for your debut “All In A Day's Work”?


I attended the 2001 Holy Hip Hop awards in Atlanta.  I originally went down to have a meeting with another label that wanted me, but when I got there-they wanted to act like they didn’t know me.  Which was weird ‘cause they were the cats bugging me to come down.  So I just started passing out my demo to everyone there.  I did a show w/Marod (who had a distribution deal for his label through GT) in Indy-so when I saw him-I gave him a copy.  A couple of weeks later he called me and wanted to sign me.  I didn’t have anything else to do that day so I was like, “o.k.”



What was it like when Grapetree went under and you were left without a record label?


Good, because nothing was popping off anyway.  They fell off fast.  KJ-52 and Todd Collins wanted to sign me to Beatmart, so I got a release from Knolly and was going to roll with them, but I didn’t want KJ writing my hooks, so that didn’t work out.  But I’m glad they called because it got me released from my contract, so now I can mess with whoever.


People compare Kayne West’s debut album cover to your debut album cover, how did you feel when you saw the album cover of Kayne West’s debut “College Dropout”?


It’s cool.  Because he’s real hot right now.  So the 1,000+ people who bought my record and the 10’s of thousands who saw my record will know what’s good.  I get kids hitting me up all the time about it.  I just laugh. 


When and how did you meet up with Dj Type A?


We had math class together in 7th grade.  We both liked girls and “Kid ‘N Play”.   The rest is Hip Hop History.


What would the ultimate reward for you be?


Honestly, for GOD to be happy with me.  Being a Christian, so much is based on guilt.  You feel guilty for not being perfect. You mess up and think “I let GOD down again”   So the ultimate reward for me will be to get to Heaven, and know that the works that I did pleased him.


What can we expect in the future from Fiti Futuristic?


I have no clue.  That question scares me.  I have nothing in the works right now except that I’m working on new music for another record.  We are going to re-release “Watch What Happens” with a new cover and some new songs, and hopefully it can get picked up for distribution.


Any last words?

As you travel on through life, brother, whatever be your
goal, keep your eye on the donut, and not upon the hole.


For more information on Fiti Futuristic check out http://www.fitifuturistic.net 


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