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interview // dj dna

What inspired you to become a DJ?


I love music in general. That’s my inspiration. I love playing records and seeing people’s reactions to what I play. On the hip hop side of things just the respect that the DJ got really inspired me. Not to mention the personal styles and turntable flexing that I have seen from other DJ’s. When I see something new or different that inspires me to this day.



How did you hook up with the Solseekers and the Inklings?


A long time friend of Future Shock moved from San Diego to Sacramento where he saw me perform. He told me about Future Shock and later booked me to do a show with them. From there we just pretty much hit it off and I started performing and recording with them.



What made you decide to sign with Bomb Hip Hop Records?


Bomb Hip Hop is one of the most important labels in the history of the “hip hop dj”.  The Return of the DJ series pretty much sums up what there about, letting DJ’s do there own thing as songs. In 1995 Bomb Hip Hop was putting out MixMasterMike, Qbert, Rob Swift, Cut Chemist, Babu, Ztrip, Peanut Butter Wolf and more back when no one really new there was this kind of movement happening.


It’s an honor to work with Bomb Hip Hop and to have my name released along the likes of the above mentioned artists.


Tell me about your latest release, Impressionism, what will listeners hear on this release?


Impressionism is a personal album in the sense that Im really showing the listener where Im coming from. I have many comparisons to DJ Shadow, RJD2, Krush but that is just because of lack release that are categorized as hip hop instrumental albums. The listener will definitely get a Non-Shadow and Non-RJD2 album.


Expect everything from B-boy anthem type tracks, futuristic synth, emotional to chaotic. I cover a wide range of feeling.



Do you typically start with the sample or the drums as your primary inspiration?


It’s different all the time. Sometimes Im moved by drums other times its samples. Pretty much whatever Im feeling at the moment.


What equipment do you use and why?


MPC and turntables is my main piece but I also use Motif, MicroKORG and CDJ.


I do not dis cats who make beats on a computer but I prefer the MPC because I can use it live like an instrument, and live is a big part of being a DJ.


What do you feel most comfortable doing: Producing or live DJing?


Honestly I think Im split 50/50. There are good and bad qualities on both ends. I love doing both.


What role does emotion play in your musical creation?


It’s huge. I think hip hop was birthed and still created today on 80% emotion. My music especially, starts out on the feeling of the sample or drums then I worry about the technical pieces later.


What's it like to balance family and work in the studio and on the road?


Its crazy. Fortunately I have a very supportive wife.


Other than hip-hop, what music genre are you drawn to?


Pretty much anything from any time frame except country. Im just not a fan.



What can we look forward to in the near future from DJ DNA and the Inklings?


  1. My album Impressionism is out now!

  2. Future Shock has a series of EPs and a full length album coming soon.

  3. Im currently working with some other emcees.

  4. I will be on several guest spots including Ohmega Watts, Braille etc.

  5. I will begin work on my new album after the new year.


Any last words?


Thanks to everyone who has been supporting what I do. I am extremely excited about the new year and the great music that will be coming.


Please pick up my album DJ DNA “Impressionism” out now on Bomb Hip Hop Records/Caroline Distribution.


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