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interview // capture the elusive of future shock



How did you begin rapping and who was your inspiration?


I began rapping just as something to do with the homies, nothing serious. I then hooked up with the guys from Future Shock and Sage(around '95) and started to really get into it. My inspiration wasn't just one person, it was more like the Hip Hop movement.


What is the origin of Solseekers?


Long story. Refer to other interviews about Solseekers.


How did the split between Sage (JustMe) and Solseekers happen?


It was just a matter of growing up and making life decisions. At first I was pretty upset, but then understood that before you can "make it" in the music, you have to "make it" in your everyday life. Things are all good though, him and I are still good friends.

Myself and DJ DNA have since joined Future Shock and Solseekers will be merely a memory.


How did the Inklings come about and can you explain the name Inklings?


The Inklings is a crew of individuals that we respect and think are fresh. The name was created by a group of writers back in the days (J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis etc...) who used to meet together and create and discuss creative things. We felt like we were that way in this day and age, so we "Jacked" the name.


Who’s who in the Inklings?


The crew is made up of a few different people: Future Shock, Redcloud and BTwice.


Will there be an Inklings collective album?




Is there a Solseekers’ album in the works?


No, but there may be a reunion track on my solo recorded, due out early next year.


Are the Inklings associated with Tunnel Rats?


Absolutely, we have hooked up with the family again.


What can we look forward to in the near future from the Inklings?


Several projects about to be released. Future Shock E.P. series: Headhunters E.P.,Fisheye Paradigm E.P. Remember the Future  (re-release), this one is a classic. For those of you who didn't get this in '96, make sure you pick it up this time, because this is one of the reasons why Christian Hip Hop became fresh. Art of Xenos (rerelease through Bomb Hip Hop)


Solo Projects:

Ahred: Self Medication

Ajax: Middle Class Artisan

Capture: A Cold Glass Of Contaminated Water

Sojourn: All Is Quiet On The Western Front

Redcloud invading every city in the world.


Keep an eye out for all these projects as well as a dvd. Please support fresh Hip Hop.

www.futureshockcrew.com. Check out our new video for "Fisheye Paradigm"



Any last words?


uuuuuuummmmmmmmmm (is that a good one?)


For more information on Capture check out http://www.the-inklings.com 


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