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interview // brother ig

     Brother Ig is a warrior for Christ, and his songs are hit hard, speak the truth, and are spoken testimonies from past, future, and present. Brother Ig made his debut with the album “Off the Crooked Path” and now is the lime-light once again with the smash single “Momma Don’t Cry” featuring Eddie Z. Aided with genius beats and enormous lyrical style Brother Ig stands alone.

What made you to start rapping and who was involved?

I was originally rapping before getting saved in ’97 with Crazy Times Records. Then after a year or so in the church I got a chance to do a rap for the movie “16 To Life” so that’s what kick started everything.

What was your inspiration behind “Momma Don’t Cry”? 

This songs chorus was originally giving to me by one of my best homies Mr. Brown from C.T.R. He said the Lord put it on his heart while he was driving one day & as he kept singing the chorus he would get teary eyed. He then called me & said, “this would be a perfect song for you!” That’s a good brother right there.

How did you hook up with Crazy Times Records? 

Crazy Times Records is a family run record label. My brother Kalani is one of the CEO’s on it & all the artist on there are friends I’ve grown up with, that’s why I say it’s family. Before being saved I helped start it. Now they are a major part of bringing the gospel to the unsaved being it is a secular label they still put my songs out there on their projects.  On the same note I bring them on cuts of mine so they see GOD moving through the music.

What is happening with Broken Chain Records?

Broken Chain was the label I started for the 1st album. It was basically just me on it as an independent artist. Being new to the whole gospel ministry I wasn’t sure how folks would take being on a secular label but now I know God’s hand is with us & has been blessing me with  reaching the lost.

What are you currently working on? 

Right now I’m currently working on my follow up album “Soul Searching” We released the single “Mamma Don’t Cry” from that recently.  This album will also have a DVD included, with videos of a couple of songs & concerts.

What is your favorite song off your next project? 

All the songs so far are very personal to me but I would say so far my favorite is a ROCK REMIX we did to “Homies Prayer / San Jo San Jo. There’s a band at my church called “TAKIN” & man these guys are really a blessing to me. The members are Loreena, Laz & Letty & they rock out like crazy so we just recorded these remixes of 2 songs in 1.  It was something really new to any of us so recording it in the studio to actually performing it at concerts has been a tight experience.

What do you see for yourself in the next five years?   

Man to tell you the truth bro I really can’t call it. This past couples of years has been like the best years of my life. God has really been moving & blessing me so much.  So if it’s as good as it is now I would like to be where I’m at but just more closer to GOD & stronger in the LORD. Oh, one main thing in 5 years I pray to be a licensed minister to become an Evangelist, I’m in classes right now!

What do you feel is the toughest part of the music industry?   

The toughest part is probably getting your music to be heard for radio or even getting it to labels & distributors.

What would the ultimate reward for you be?

Just seeing people getting touched by the music &  even being able to help someone in their struggles is the best reward I get out of this music ministry.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

(Lam.3:58 O Lord, you took up my case; you redeemed my life.) The 1st day I was saved I opened the bible & God gave me this scripture. To me a describes God taking my case like in a court room & even though I was guilty of all charges & sins HE still set me free.

Who do you feel is your biggest influence and why?

My pastor just spoke on fathers & it opened my eyes to my own dad. I think as I’m getting older I have the best role model to be a husband, father & a man. Even though my POPS had his struggles with Life he overcame them all & it made him that much stronger. I can only pray to be like him.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I would want to change the power & the stronghold the devil has on us in the world. 

If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?  

I would want the power to bring back time.  Not to go against GOD will but to those friends/ family that have passed away to be able to tell them things we should of before they passed or those in accidents to somehow warn them or something. (Good question by the way)

What is the worst job you have ever had?

I think my worse job was working at a gas station.

What can we expect from you in the future?  

I would say to just bringing more un-cut & raw gospel music to your ears

What is one lesson God is currently teaching you?  

God right now is teaching me to have more faith in HIM in all things.  Never limit GOD.

Any Last Words?   

Last words would be, to realize we are not promised tomorrow. So don’t put off getting right with God today for one & the other would be appreciate & love your family & friends while you can. A good friend of mine recently passed away & man it was totally unexpected. It makes you want to cherish those around you & to secure your salvation as much as you can.  The devils on the prowl out there to steal kill & destroy our lives so always be on your toes. 

For more information on Brother Ig check out http://www.brotherig.com 


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