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interview // the arsonists


Interview with Freestyle from The Arsonists grabbed from the archives of Aphire's former magazine Light from 1999.


What the science about the name arsonists?

The fire theme stems from the term BURN. When it is used in hiphop, it was used during battle time. an mc would burn anotha mc, or a breaker would burn anotha breaker, or a graf artist
 would do a burner, etc...

Who's who in the group?

Jise, freestyle, swel, q-unique, dstroy

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Starting companies... clothing, mixtapes, record label, etc....

What do feel is the toughest part of the music industry?

Toughest part of the music industry is probably the business side. keepin up with people, the fakeness, the realness, the shows, interviews, contracts, lawyers, media, labels, etc...

What would the ultimate reward for you be?

Ultimate reward for us would be to change hiphop. if we could do that, that would be INCREDIBLE!

What message are you trying to get across to fans?

Just the fact that we're a dope entity and we want them to listen and support the real side. the youth are misled and were trying to reel em in. also, we're just being creative and we want the world to feel us, that’s all. We just have something to say.

Do your friends and family look at you differently now?

They all look at us with a big smile in their hearts. our friends and family have been VERY supportive and they believe in us. They’re very happy with what were doing and they wanna be a part of it.

If someone was to look in your CD player or tape player right now what would bein it?


All types of ****! We listen to everything from reggae to alternative to hiphop. Maybe stone temple pilots would be in the cd player... or grand daddy iu, or spragga benz... who knows?

Who do you feel is your biggest influence and why?

Biggest influence would have to be each other in the group. if u see us perform, or listen to us rhyme or have a cipha, u could tell that we influence each other. Also, the music we listen to, cartoons, movies, tv shows, etc... Its all there... were influenced by everything around us.

How do you feel your music will effect its listeners?

We think our music will lead people to listen to more "unseen" or "not promoted well" hiphop. We wanna open minds and ears. We think we can make that happen too. Wish us luck...

If you could change one thing in world what would it be?

Get rid of money.

Any Last Words?

AS THE WORLD BURNS... releasing on august 24th... go get it if u wanna hear some crazy ****! Our website address is http://members.aol.com/settnfires/ARSONISTS.html
contact us at settnfires@aol.com or MATADOR RECORDS 212 995 5882


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