update // 12.10.04

Aphire has a special interview exclusive with the talented rocker, rapper, and singer Tonex from Baltimore, Maryland for the Out of the Box DVD release party. Check this exclusive informative interview with Tonex  here. For more information on Tonex check out http://www.yotonex.com

   update // 11.25.04

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Aphire has some food for thought during this fattening holiday. The Visionary formerly known as MG! The Visionary talked to Aphire in an exclusive three-part interview. Check the first part of the interview with The Visionary here. For more information on The Visionary check out http://www.mgthevisionary.com/

   update // 11.18.04

The new extremely talented gospel artist signed to Fly Away Records  and also the winner of the National Gospel Artist Search, Thomas L. Mitchell II, is releasing his debut album "Just Wanna Say Thanks" on Tuesday, November 24. Check out the new interview here. For more information please check out http://www.flyawayrecords.com.

   update // 11.12.04

Mysterious DeepSpace5 member and formerly half of Phat K.A.T.S., Sivion was interviewed by Aphire. Check the interview with this phenomenal emcee out here. For more info on Sivion and the entire DeepSpace5 collective please check http://www.deepspace5.com.

   update // 10.28.04

Front man of the popular hip hop crew Mass Reality and talented solo artist, Reconcile, recently released his debut solo album "Chronicles: The Lineage, Life & Legacy". Check out the interview here. For more information on Reconcile check out http://www.bigrecmusic.com/ or http://www.massreality.com/.

   update // 10.19.04

You know who they are, Coffee and Bonafide who make up the duo known as Grits need no introduction. The duo recently released the first half of their back to back albums Dichotomy A (June 29) and will be releasing the second part Dichotomy B on November 2. Check the interview with Aphire out here. For more information on Grits check out http://www.grits7.com and http://www.gotee.com.

   update // 10.16.04

The underground Chicago hip-hop scene was shaken when Wordz surfaced more than a decade ago.  Now Wordz talks to Aphire, check the interview out here. For more information on Wordz please check his record label out at http://www.reservedrecords.com/.

   update // 10.09.04

The Deepspace5 producing mastermind and member of the former Pride member is none other than The Recon who was interviewed by Aphire, check it out here.

   update // 10.04.04

The emcee from Columbus, Ohio named Vocab Malone has been rapping since the early years of 5th grade and has released seven independently released albums, has been interviewed check it out here. For more information on Vocab check out http://www.vocabmalone.com

   update // 10.01.04

Chicago's finest YSG-Timothy who brought you The 2-Man Mistape has been interviewed, check it out here. For more information on YSG check out http://www.beats.com.

   update // 09.22.04

The exceptionally talented emcee, who is half of legendary Labklik and and part of the Deepspace5 collective, Illtripp has recently released his full solo album Dialog of the Downtrodden on Illect Recordings. Illect Recordings uniquely offers a free e-card download of Illtripp’s album at http://www.illtripp.com, and you can purchase the album through your choice of high quality MP3 or traditional format at http://www.illectdirect.com.

   update // 09.16.04

The great emcee Sintax the Terrific took some time to tell Aphire about his new upcoming album Curb Appeal on Illect Records, check out the hilarious interview here. For more information on Sintax the Terrific check out http://www.sintaxtheterrific.com.

   update // 09.13.04

The hip hop duo Bone Circus who shook up hip hop with their The Locals EP, has been interviewed by Aphire, check the interview out here. For more information on Bone Circus, check out http://www.bonecircus.com. >>> Upcoming interviews on Aphire: Sintax the Terrific, illtrip, YSG Timothy, Grits, Vocab Malone, Blacksoil Project, Sev Statik, Capture from Solseekers, MaxOne, sirROCDOMZ, Red Coud, KJ-52, UNO Mas, Joey the Jerk, Re:Flex, Verbs, Gilead7, The Procussions, Pettidee, Sev Statik, Sivion, Japhia Life, and more.

   update // 09.09.04

The beat master himself from Circumcised Mind and Deepspace5 Beat Rabbi was recently interviewed by Aphire to shed some light on his first solo album, check the interview here. For more information on Beat Rabbi check out http://www.beatrabbi.com.

   update // 09.05.04

The talented Freddie Bruno from Deepspace5 and Phonetic Composition fame has been interviewed by Aphire, check the interview out here.

   update // 08.29.04

The Toronto native who fuses hip-hop and a unique rock style, Manfest has been interviewed, check the interview out here. For more information on Manafest, click over to www.manafest.ca

      On other note, Aphire has upcoming interviews with Freddie Bruno, Beat Rabbi, Bone Circus, Sintax the Terrific, Grits, Blacksoil Project, UNO Mas, Red Cloud, KJ-52, Sev Statik, Re:Flex and much more. Keep checking back with us and we'll keep giving you the goods.

   update // 08.22.04

The poetic emcee, Listener who is part of Labklik and the Deepspace5 collective, and has released the successful solo album Whispermoon, has been interviewed. Check the exclusive interview here. For more information of Listener, check out www.forthelistener.com, www.labklik.com, and www.deepspace5.com.

   update // 08.18.04

Brilliant emcee and producer and 1/2 of ill harmonics and part of the deepspace5 collective, Playdough, takes time to be interviewed by Aphire. Check the interview out here. For more information on Playdough check out www.playdoughonline.com.

   update // 08.14.04

Dert is hip hop's most praised producer from the Tunnel Rats is interviewed, check it out here. For more information on Dert check out http://www.tunnelrats.net or http://www.isolatedmusic.com.

   update // 08.10.04

Fiti Futuristic one of hip hop's most talents artist who recently released Watch What Happens. Check out the interview with Fiti here. For more information on Fiti Futuristic check out http://www.fitifuturistic.net.

   update // 08.08.04

Multi-talented artist Kid Sundance and former group member of the Boombox Titans talks with Aphire about the break up and the future, check it out here. For more info on the Boombox Titans click to http://www.boomboxtitans.com.

   update // 08.06.04

Phenomenal mcee Mark J has been interviewed on Aphire, check out the interview here. To learn more about Mark J check him out at http://www.markjonline.com. >>> Aphire has upcoming interviews with Sev Statik (http://www.sevstatik.com), Fiti Futuristic (http://www.fitifuturistic.net), and Blacksoil Project (http://www.blacksoilproject.com).

   update // 07.31.04

Hot hip hop debuted artist Kaboose has been interviewed for Aphire, check the interview here. For more information on Kaboose check www.kaboosemusic.com or www.flyawayrecords.com

   update // 07.24.04

Boombox Titans have disbanded and former Titan member Kid Sundance talks with Aphire about the break up, future for the Titan's members, and his own solo projects. The exclusive interview coming soon. >>> Aphire now has a review section courtesy of www.hiphopforthesoul.com, and will constantly keep you updated with the newest underground heat.

   update // 07.15.04

Interview with Manchild and Dust of super duo Mars Ill check it out here. For more information on Mars Ill visit http://www.marsill.com

   update // 07.09.04

Interview with Braille uploaded here, for more information on Braille visit http://www.braillehiphop.com or his crew Lightheaded at http://www.wearelightheaded.com

   update // 06.25.04

Upcoming interviews featuring Kaboose, Listener, Braille and Mars Ill are coming soon to Aphire.

   update // 06.22.04

Elias interview has been added to the interviews section check it out here. For more information on Elias check http://www.eliashiphop.com

   update // 06.14.04

Scribbling Idiots' CAS METAH and JustMe  interview has been added to the interviews section check it out here. For more information on Scribbling Idiots check  http://www.scribblingidiots.com 

   update // 06.08.04

Luke Geraty interview has been added to the interviews section check it out here. For more information on Luke Geraty check http://www.lukegeraty.com

   update // 05.26.04

Brother Ig interview uploaded onto aphire check the interview here. For more information on Brother Ig check his site at http://www.brotherig.com 

   update // 05.15.04

Aphire is going back to it's roots, and will focus more on underground hip hop with interviews and reviews/articles. Look for an interview from Kaboose (http://www.kaboosemusic.com),  and updated interviews from Listener [from Tokyo Japan] (http://www.forthelistener.com) and Brother Ig (http://www.brotherig.com/) coming in the next couple of weeks.

   update // 04.05.04

The portfolio and photography page was reformatted with a fresher design and larger selected graphics to showcase the variety of artwork the best way possible with fewer graphics.

   update // 03.21.04

The photography page has been uploaded semi-finished. Look for more photography in a few days. All of the photography were taken in Japan by Caleb Kinney.

   update // 03.09.04

The interview, resume, portfolio, and contact page are finished and uploaded. Soon to come: photograph and artwork.

   update // 03.06.04

Please bear with us for we are currently making over the site. The site may be going through many changes over the next couple months and a couple links may become missing or not working at random, but I assure you things will return to normal soon. We are sorry for the long wait for an update, but now we are allowed a better schedule. We have combined Light Online Magazine and Aphire to one helpful website. You may use both of the addresses lightonline.org and aphire.com to access this site.

   update // 05.30.03

R-Swift’s solo debut release party today (May 30, 2003), at Praize City Entertainment, 16 Broad Street, Richmond, VA. For more info check out www.f4ts.com. >>> Light/Aphire publishes an article about "Hip Hop Influences Japanese Culture." >>> KJ-52 was on the MTV show "TRL" May 16th >>> LPG's new album "The Gadfly" drops June 10th. For more info check: www.uprokrecords.com/lpg.  >>> Jurny Big of LPG's solo album titled "Biggest of Them All" is out Sept 2nd. For more info: www.mp3.com/uprokrecords.