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  • 4.25.03 - Aphire and Light Online have been very busy coming out with a combination and a new website, Light Online and Aphire will be turned into a newspaper with commentary, world news, weather, hip hop, and much more. The details are being worked out, look for it soon. On a side note, did you miss us? We're back... >>> Cross Movement recently dropped a new CD titled "Holy Culture" on April 22.
  • 3.21.02 - KJ-52 is listed to drop a second album in July. >>> Carriers of the Cross have an upcoming event called "Ignite the Fire" in Newark, NJ. Check Carriers for more info. >>> Omega has published new music on mp3.com. Check Omega out! >>> Day Star Tribe recently remodeled their site check out the new additions here.
  • 3.18.02 -Rumblefish once again lands a network production, licensing a song for the CBS TV prime time Series "CSI". Featured Rumblefish song/artist used for this production: "When Kenpo Strikes" by Red Cloud  >>> RockSoul Album Release Party will be held in Philadelphia today, artists preforming will be The Cross Movement, Monique Walker, Michelle Bonilla, Corey Red and Precise, Shai Linne, J Silas, Forrest Glenn, T.R.U.T.H. and The Ambassador. Check them out at rocksoulentertainment.com. >>> Sharlok Poems's Solo project is currently available to purchase at Sphere
  • 3.15.02 -2Restore concert is being held June 29th in the Alabama Projects, Paterson, NJ. The concert featuring Carriers of the Cross, The Process, 4th Dimension, Judah Priest, Beridox, Omega, Corey Red, and Precise Sister Dee >>> Locke's album "Relevance" releases in April. >>> A Groovesound Records release party will be held Sat. March 23rd at Templo De Alabanza in Oak Cliff. Artists performing will be D.O.G. Squad, Antonious, Dooney & Peculiar Records, The Groovesound Family, Heata, L.A.W. Click, Unique, DJ Stibbs, and Twisted. Also One Mind Magazine will be coming down to cover the event. For more information check out groovesound.com. >>> Judah Priest's "Tha Darkest Hour" album off his own lable Heavens Music is set to drop in the near future.
  • 3.12.02 - Walkin Dead just released the new album "Embalmin Fluid" on Redline Ent. Preview the album mp3.com/walkin_dead and purchase at sphereofhiphop.com or om95.com. >>> Sev Statik is currently in the studio recording the debut full length "Speak Life" >>> ReSERVED Records is looking for local heads to put together a street team of 7-12 sales oriented individuals. Check here for more info.
  • 3.10.02 - An upcoming event to mark your calendars: URGENT CONCERT - Sound of Market, featuring Judah Priest, Omega, Kingcyz, and Beridox in Philadelphia. Check trigland for more info. >>> 4th Ave. drops its first single to college radio: "DO RE ME" >>> Listener of Labkilk is currently working on his first solo release, look for it in spring 2002. >>> John Reuben's new album "Hindsight" is to hit stores May 21.
  • 3.09.02 - Light, now moved from California to Japan, is now up and running! >>> Future Shock's The Art of Xenos is to appear in stores in April >>> Gibraan is to perform at the Stellar Awards with Tonex >>> Pijal of Ceebrolistics starting on a new solo joint. >>> Acts 29 project is now available, featuring Braille and Ohmega. >>> A Cross Movement interview will air on BET's show "NEXT" on April 14 at 3pm.
  • 8.03.01 -Fly Away Records has released a single titled Christ Tyme, take a listen at www.mp3.com/flyawayrecords. >>> John Reuben hits the studio soon for his second release on Gotee. >>> Hazakim has launched www.mp3.com/hazakim with free streamable music from the new album Hip-Hologetics. >>> Rap Fest 2001 is on August 11, 2001 featuring artists including Carriers of the Cross, Cross Movement, Corey Red & Precise, Brother E, and many more. For more information check www.rapfest2001.com.
  • 8.03.01 - Prophecyer from the Carriers hooked Light up with dope artwork currently being displayed on the splash page. Get Prophecyer's design as your wall paper here. >>> Gotee recording artist John Reuben is set to drop his 2nd release in Spring 2002! >>> Brand new material from MG the Visionary! 12" vinyl releases next Tuesday! >>> Black Soil Project, Bookworm Brown, and AgentM are dropping albums shortly.
  • 7.29.01 - Stu Dent, a member of the Deepspace5 camp, releases his debut album July 31st on Sphere of Hip Hop records. >>> The Source Magazine recently selected Respect from 4th Avenue Jones, as "Sure Shot Single". >>> Acts 29, a new crew, consisting of Braille, Ohmega Watts and others drops debut soon! 
  • 7.25.01 - The Light team is off at Spirit West Coast, a west coast concert based in Monterey, CA. The Christian festivial features LA Symphony, Grits, T-Bone, John Reuben in addition to other non-hiphop groups (spiritwestcoast.org). >>> Hazakim drops a new record "Hip-Hologetics". >>> Judah Priest's the Darkest Hour is expected to drop late-September. 
  • 7.22.01 - A release date of September 25th is set for the new LA Symphony record. >>> Sackcloth Fashion is producing the first single off of Tonex's Jive Records Release, Oxygen. >>> Carriers of the Cross unveils the long awaited website at carriersofthecross.com >>> Deepspace 5's "The Night We Called It A Day" is expected to be out November 20th.
  • 7.18.01 - Viewers can listen via the internet tonight at 10-11pm on kprz.com on the 24 hr live button and listen to new cuts from the Tonex cd and his interview. >>> Tomorrow, the Grits will appear in the Six Flags located in Dallas, TX. >>> Tunnel Rats, New Breed and LPG all recently inked contracts with Uprok Records.
  • 7.16.01 - Prime Minister is tearing up the mp3.com charts, in at #3 with song, Inside Out. >>> Altered State, the long awaited album from Stu Dent, is set to release shortly. >>> The 39 Lashez  have a new site for the updated crew: www.39lashez.moonfruit.com.
  • 7.13.01 - Gospel Gangstas planning to create a new record label. >>> The Grits are featured on several new albums one is the new CeCe Winans self-titled record on the track "Anybody Wanna Pray". Also, Coffee is featured on the new Kevin Max record 'Stereotype Be' on the song "Existence". >>> Cross Movement travels Mid-West, the Outreach tour sparks in the Mid-West and then to other parts of the nation. . 
  • 7.09.01 - The Grand Opening of CLUB U.R.G.E.N.T., which was to feature appearences by Vizunari, Sista Dee, Kingdom Builders, Beridox, 39Lashez, Judah Priest, Carrier of the Cross, Virtuous Sistazzz, scheduled for July 13th has been postponed. To keep updated please visit trigland.com >>> In September John Reuben will join Five Iron Frenzy, Relient K and Ace Troubleshooter for the electric youth tour
  • 7.07.01 - Brother E has scheduled an event August 18 titled "BACK TO SCHOOL JAM!". Brother E will be performing with Brothers Inc. and Frankie Cutlass. The concert will take place in Long Island, NY >>> Man of War sill be releasing his album entitled "10 Horn Daggers" on Augest 8. >>> In August John Reuben will beginning working with producer Todd Collins for a new album that will be out in Spring 2002. >>> Miss Moses (with others) is going to offer a web design business available to design, host, and maintain websites. The web address will be Dzynsinc.com.
  • 7.06.01 - Now there are 3 different spots to get your dose of Sphere with almost 150 artists and hundreds of songs! Check: Sphere of Hip Hop, Sphere Presents and Sphere Radio! New additions include: Braille, DJ Maj, John Reuben, Prime Minister, Ambassador, 4th Avenue Jones, Solseekers, LPG, Grits, Mars ILL, Vex da Vortex, KJ-52, Pigeon John, LA Symphony and more! >>> Tonex is being presented with new music from the MSS Record Label. The Project was produced by T.Boy & 5.0 and features 2 unreleased tracks from Tonex, Shelly Gaines, Ms.Tonex T.Boy & 5.) and many others. In Stores 7/17/01 check tommyboygospel.com. for more information and the listen line 1.888.882.0955. 902, located at Broadway Nyc 10010 >>> Sackcloth Fashion, and RedCloud were extras in the Int9rscope Hip-Hop band 4th Avenue Jones' video for "Respect". Others in the attendance were LA Symphony, DJ Revolution, and more.
  • 7.04.01 - Happy July 4th! >>> Sackcloth Fashion featured in an upcoming feature film, Extreme Days to be in theatres September. >>> Rice, LTS and Tia (39Lashez) are putting together a trip for the Christian hip-hop ministries for July 7th. The Cost is $36. For more information, hit them up via e-mail at LTS39lashez@aol.com. >>> Grand Opening of Club URGENT Philadelphia, PA. Featuring: Vizunari, Sista Dee, Kingdom Builders, Beridox, 39Lashez, Judah Priest, Carrier of the Cross, Virtuous Sistazzz and More.
  • 7.03.01 - Fred B currently recording. Planned collab with Sojourn of Future Shock. >>> Deepspace5 mix finished! 12" vinyl single planned and more. >>> Now you can get heard! Night Owls compilation now taking submissions. For more information visit syntaxrecords.com.
  • 7.02.01 - the Sonshine festival will held at Willmar Minnesota during July 12-14, featured hip hop artists include Mars Ill, Ill Harmonics, GRITS, John Reuben, Knowdaverbs, DJ Maj, LA Symphony, and KJ-52. >>> LPG, New Breed and Tunnel Rats are all finishing up new records. >>> Braille has a few new song online! >>> MG! the Visionary has  12" vinyl single coming out 7-24-01.
  • 7.01.01 - Pigeon John and LA Symphony NBA tour has been cancelled. >>> Gotee recording artist John Reuben is set to drop his 2nd release in Spring 2002! >>> Wherehouse music supercenter has picked up Syntax product in various stores in the San Deigo area. >>> L.A. Symphony is the featured artist on the Abercrombie & Fitch web site. Check out the music section at ambercrombieandfitch.com for a free LAS download. >>> Cornerstone is going on this week July 3 - July 7, at Bushnell, Illinois: featuring such hip hop artists as Mg!, Dirt, LA Symphony, and Ill Harmonics.
  • 6.18.01 - Light Online and it's affiliate hiphopgateway.com have launched a Christian hip hop chat network
  • 6.17.01 - Many of Light's old archived interviews were restored and are now available.
  • 5.31.01 - light online forums are up for light's users to post messages. 
  • 5.27.01 - Light's poll "Should Christian artists collaborate with secular artists?" was closed with a total of 393 votes; 150 (38%) for yes and 243 (61%) for no.
  • 5.21.01 - Light's flyer was designed by Term to be circulated at various events. 
  • 5.18.01 - Bent 1's rhyme spit was chosen and shown on the main page.

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