Here are some of the basic commands that you might find useful while using the chat room:

join | names | talking | action | away | quitting | nickserv

Join a channel

To join or create a channel:

  • Enter /join followed by the channel name.

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Change your nickname

Your nickname can easily be changed:

  • Enter /nick nickname where nickname is the new nickname of your choice, limited to nine characters.

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If someone does message you, their message will take the form
nickname> message where nickname, enclosed in brackets, is the nickname of the person talking to you and message is the actual text of the message.

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If you wish to express an action, use /me and your action. For example, if you wanted to say "<nickname> likes the Grits!" you would use /me likes the Grits!.

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Away from your computer

If you want to stay logged on to a channel, but will be away from your computer for a short time and unable to answer your messages, you can enter an away message so people know you are not ignoring them.

  • Enter /away message where message is the explanation you provide as to why you are currently not attending the screen (but are still logged onto the channel).

Messages sent to you will be displayed on your screen with the time and date received, to be read when you return.

Enter /away when you return to your computer and you will be marked as no longer away from your screen.

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Leaving channels and the Hip Hop Network

To leave a channel:

  • Enter /leave channel where channel is the current channel you are in.

To end your Hip Hop Network chat session:

  • Enter /quit.

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You can use this service to protect and maintain your nickname:

  • /msg NickServ Register <Password> - Registers your current nickname to your current address, with your set password
  • /msg NickServ Identify <password> - Identifies you to NickServ.

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